Jerry Garcia Band 02/02/80
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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JGB: Eldon Porray's FOB MAC w/ Nak 700 mics > Sony TC-D5M (using Dolby noise reduction) > Nakamichi CR-3A (playback w/ Dolby on) > Lucid AD9624 A-D converter > Sony PCM-R500 > Sony PCM-R500 (playback) > HHb CDR800 > EAC > .WAV > TLH > .FLAC.
The Stone, S.F., Ca.

Eldon Porray's FOB MAC w/ Nak 700 mics>Sony TC-D5M (using Dolby noise reduction)>Nakamichi CR-3A (playback w/ Dolby on)>Lucid AD9624 A-D converter>
Sony PCM-R500>Sony PCM-R500 (playback)>HHb CDR800>EAC>.WAV>TLH>.FLAC

Disc 1 (66:11):
01. ...It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry
02. They Love Each Other
03. Money Honey
04. Sitting Here in Limbo
05. ...That's All Right, Mama
-beginning of Set II:
06. The Harder They Come

Disc 2 (64:28):
01. Let It Rock*
02. When I Paint My Masterpiece
03. Russian Lullaby
04. After Midnight >
05. Eleanor Rigby Jam (splice) >
06. After Midnight

* Badbod says "the Let It Rock is not from 2-2-80. Eldon was patched out of my rig that night and I suspect that the Let It Rock was filler..."
75d34eb23aa5912d963ca1f2ac6721c3 *jgb 1980-02-02disc101.flac
7509c14d1b5f2bd885a516387e4a8fe4 *jgb 1980-02-02disc102.flac
567082afea88bd716979dbf646a70ff3 *jgb 1980-02-02disc103.flac
190b4ab8dc2b9a2e2bf394b071448f82 *jgb 1980-02-02disc104.flac
7c9dcd6f04b00c569be535bf2cd2b0e8 *jgb 1980-02-02disc105.flac
c29996057cb2ab02487191825fb8e584 *jgb 1980-02-02disc106.flac
5a8ebf46aef6cf71e40066ad290b1ba3 *jgb 1980-02-02disc201.flac
519d78e05c2acab569a0cdd91264ff7b *jgb 1980-02-02disc202.flac
838198e63a12abce79c11ea3063c9da0 *jgb 1980-02-02disc203.flac
7dfd716e12984fd3de7cc36a7d5364b1 *jgb 1980-02-02disc204.flac
409768e88daf571aec9f5c640d62fa6b *jgb 1980-02-02disc205.flac
1661e82a0877a4b055f5784deff38e19 *jgb 1980-02-02disc206.flac
jgb 1980-02-02disc101.flac:bb8aa938d534bbc3c64c2b153f814e23
jgb 1980-02-02disc102.flac:87cf6ce9287f0a9204be2a261e2a5854
jgb 1980-02-02disc103.flac:7bf4475fe340c54974f1ac0836fe1010
jgb 1980-02-02disc104.flac:82eaeca6ea254984b1cd7d460169eaac
jgb 1980-02-02disc105.flac:ddb8c1b46ed0e15b744849e36c3ab535
jgb 1980-02-02disc106.flac:3576fb6ddbab4a04bfdb7632526bb011
jgb 1980-02-02disc201.flac:bc3ec223f4f89f401ecd3f45f7e44d28
jgb 1980-02-02disc202.flac:6c662468ef43bdb4b24c04924ad93b6b
jgb 1980-02-02disc203.flac:4cd94b7390edc362a7f3a3f9939ac98a
jgb 1980-02-02disc204.flac:3d651421b38738bbe3d144a28791be75
jgb 1980-02-02disc205.flac:6c3fa24fe554965da3e3c7f7ed4add44
jgb 1980-02-02disc206.flac:ec937c05910ec90a868c28a4ed26935b

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