Rose Hill Drive 07/26/08
Ives Concert Park, Danbury, CT
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flac16: Sennheiser MD421-(u5-2's) > Digi-Mod-UA5 > Nomad JB3 > Wavlab.4.0 > Flac(8)
Rose Hill Drive
Ives Concert Park
Danbury CT

Source: 2- Sennheiser MD421-(u5-2's)>Digi-Mod-UA5(@44.1khz)>Nomad JB3(@44.1khz)
Taped FOB row D(4th row)DFC at 12ft high
Taped and transfered by: Muletaper

Setlist help needed please

10 song set.

01 Intro
02 Trans Am
03 Sneak Out
04 Altar Junkie
05 Cool Cody
06 The Godfather
07 One Night Stand
08 Do You Wanna Get High?
09 I'm on to You
10 Reptilian Blues
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 1.flac:cd0be617adb7361ec12d03687803621d
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 2.flac:4361e26dedc34eb1cfcac0e8af023826
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 3.flac:2c7ccdc041db564130b10c48a069875b
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 4.flac:a47393beaa99028b292db3def911f966
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 5.flac:4cc66d2d54ef0e68e79c0e239f0cc0e2
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 6.flac:9da25ff16d8b4ec491560e1219c325ed
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 7.flac:f6b5cb9ebec1892bd0b25e3e8ea79b70
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 8.flac:723fbddc78bb41de5b3169352129625a
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 9.flac:6c8175e721991b7aaf34b6f9fa7b55dc
rhd-2008-7-26d1t 10.flac:f851621448f1aa7ac781a6d7d0cb26e6

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