Dave Matthews & Friends 02/05/06
A Chorus Line Theatre, Majesty of the Seas, Nassau, Bahamas
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Taper: Rob Stahman
Source: DM&F->AKGc1000->SBM-1->PCM-1 DAT->UA-1D->WAV->MKW shn
Location: Center of Front Balcony, aprox. 50' back from stage
Dave Matthews & Friends
Feb. 5, 2006 2:45am
A Chorus Line Theater, Majesty of the Seas
Nassau, Bahamas

01 Get On the Boat 04:27
02 Good Good Time 04:07
03 Up On Cripple Creek 05:18
04 Grey Blue Eyes 09:44
05 Ayhee 05:26
06 Will It Go Round In Circles 10:32
07 Aiko Aiko* 07:27
08 So Damn Lucky 06:20
09 Hey Bulldog 06:24
10 Rocky Mountain Way 07:27

* with Bob Weir

Source: DM&F->AKGc1000->SBM-1->PCM-1 DAT->UA-1D->WAV->MKW shn
Location: Center of Front Balcony,  aprox. 50' back from stage

Recorded by Rob Stahman
6c4742b275f46dfa5c67c9c3eea2a7c0 *DM+F20060205d1t03 Up On Cripple Creek.shn
7ff82ad8554784b417410f04cd10f203 *DM+F20060205d1t04 Grey Blue Eyes.shn
b3010385641db1ae876c542ca34c90e6 *DM+F20060205d1t05 Ayhee.shn
5ffaf51cbbbc7b25f437fcafe85f43e4 *DM+F20060205d1t06 Will It Go Round in Circles.shn
aa4fdd1a0ac1b8dca4f1f44c13bffdc8 *DM+F20060205d1t07 Aiko Aiko.shn
64d405014d8a8ef367ef735825f2917d *DM+F20060205d1t08 So Damn Lucky.shn
b2986f22f21eea5358d44558d19721c8 *DM+F20060205d1t09 Hey Bulldog.shn
f1f97a190a814eb52695602cfe9d0f99 *DM+F20060205d1t10 Rocky Mountain Way.shn
ea6548797175c981130d02d1e1edb700 *DM+F20060205d1t01 Get On the Boat.shn
9cfaa5a872e8920c001b30cfab245db7 *DM+F20060205d1t02 Good Good Time.shn

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