Larry Keel Experience 07/20/00
Cafe Tomo, Arcata, CA
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Master: Sbd > Sony SBM-1 (@44.1kHz) > DAT Master (Sony TCD-D7) Transfer: DAT Master (Tascam DA-P1) > CDR (Tascam (CD-RW 700) > EAC (v0.9 beta 3) > WAV > FLAC Frontend (v. > FLAC; Mastered and transfered by Dan Gale (
The Larry Keel Experience  20-Jul-2000
Cafe Tomo, Arcata CA

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Master: Sbd > Sony SBM-1 (@44.1kHz) > DAT Master (Sony TCD-D7)

Transfer: DAT Master (Tascam DA-P1) > CDR (Tascam (CD-RW 700) > EAC (v0.9 beta 3) > WAV > FLAC Frontend (v. > FLAC

Mastered and transfered by Dan Gale (

**Sorry - No Setlist**

Disc 1:
1st Set

Disc 2:
2nd Set & Encores

Larry Keel - guitar, vocals
Jenny Keel - bass, vocals
David Via - mandolin
Curtis Burch - dobro


This was Larry's first visit to Humboldt County - he was a happy camper.

Cafe Tomo was the last great live music venue in Arcata - it sadly closed down in November 2001.  Eternal thanks to Lincoln Wachtel for bringing so much great music to this venue - Arcata's live music scene is not the same without him.
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