Dave Alvin & the Guilty Men 12/10/04
The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
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Sbd>Benchmark AD2K (@24bit/48kHz)>VXPocket v2>Sound Forge (v. 6.0)>WAV>Sound Forge (v. 6.0)>CDWAV (v.1.71)>mkwACT (v.0.97b1)>SHN
Mastered and Transfered by Dan Gale
317 MB, 60:28
Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men
2004 December 10
The Fillmore
San Francisco, CA

(Opened for Los Lobos)

Please Do Not encode to MP3

Master: Sbd>Benchmark AD2K (@24bit/48kHz)>VXPocket v2>Sound Forge (v. 6.0)>WAV

Transfer: WAV>Sound Forge (v. 6.0)(fading, 48>44.1kHz resample, 24>16bit conversion)>CDWAV (v.1.71)>mkwACT (v.0.97b1)>SHN

Mastered and Transfered by Dan Gale (dgale@loslobos.org)

Total time 60:28
317 MB

01. Sinful Daughter  6:25
02. Abilene  7:48
03. Out Of Control  9:11
04. Dry River  7:19
05. Somewhere In Time >  5:25
06. Ashgrove *  6:14
07. Fourth of July +  5:32
08. (Band Introduction)  1:11
09. Thirty Dollar Room *  5:43
10. So Long Baby, Goodbye * 5:35

* with Steve Berlin on saxophone
+ with Steve Berlin on keyboards

Sector boundaries verified with shntool (v.1.01)
48>44.1kHz resample done with SoundForge (v. 6.0) using high (4) interpolation accuracy and applying an anti-alias filter.  24>16bit conversion done with SoundForge (v. 6.0) using highpass triangular dither and highpass contour noise shaping.
Thanks to Randy Vogel for lending me his AD2K for this recording.
9f9ad6812d94587fcab94d4fa03203d9 *DA2004-12-10t01.shn
7dd6459d9c59a8788dfec769bcc046c8 *DA2004-12-10t02.shn
478c23361eab0db815b9001dbdab4bb8 *DA2004-12-10t03.shn
daa806c5701a2aab058cd5182a9b89e0 *DA2004-12-10t04.shn
becd50f44fc2bbe005c6e82cfcb29901 *DA2004-12-10t05.shn
925764eb877202d09e3cc6f418613d74 *DA2004-12-10t06.shn
93d53b72b1e9409785217c92bbb51cd0 *DA2004-12-10t07.shn
8f5728937f9fe050da11fcfa9ce22606 *DA2004-12-10t08.shn
9465a8c41248b030fe7e0118bd6234e0 *DA2004-12-10t09.shn
6948261b260887285ae8f38018fd22a9 *DA2004-12-10t10.shn

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