Show detail for Lo Faber Band - 06/08/02
Show Date06/08/02
VenueGood Time Emporium
Set 1Bring Back the News, Epiphany, Hellfire, Volcano Boy, Morning Teacher Tess, Magic Days > Hey Henry > Sardines, Molly, Driving West
CommentHorrid-sounding venue... this recording is for collectors only!
Show Added By:Mike Wren
Last Update2008-10-04 22:40:10
Date Entered2002-07-25 16:54:25
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06/08/02 - Uggg... don't download this show unless you like your AUD recordings as mucky as possible.

Source: Neumann SKM-184 (NOS) > USBPre (-15dB) @ 24bit > Wave Lab 4 Apogee UV22HR 24 to 16 bit conversion > SHN v3
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Mike Wren
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