Show detail for Fairport Convention - 05/10/74
Show Date05/10/74
VenueSanders Theatre, Harvard University
Set 1Matty Groves
It'll Take A Long Time
Dirty Linen
Tennessee Medley And Cherry B. Shuffle
Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
Rising For The Moon
The Ballad Of Ned Kelly
Down In The Flood
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Six Days On The Road
CommentSandy Denny - vocals, piano
Dave Swarbrick - fiddle
Trevor Lucas - guitar
Jerry Donahue - gutar
Dave Pegg - bass
Dave Mattacks - drums
Show Added By:John Cook
Last Update2008-10-06 11:25:35
Date Entered2002-08-31 00:45:42
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05/10/74 - sbd unk gen reel @ 7.5 ips, Jerry Moore's copy, transfer/mastering by Rob Berger, pitch/seed by Alan Bershaw
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Jack WarnerFLAC1MST>?>C>R>CDSandy Denny - vocals, piano, guitar, tambourine
Trevor Lucas - vocals, guitar
Dave Swarbrick - vocals, violin
Jerry Donahue - lead guitar
Dave Pegg - bass, vocals
Dave Mattacks - drums
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