Show detail for Day by the River - 07/20/02
Show Date07/20/02
VenueThe Loft at Benchwarmers
Set 1Understatement, Story>Move>Magic, Endless> OJ, Easy Here, TV, Crystal
set2Exit Now, Lambic, Jam$>Puddin', Bee Jam>Naked*, Some People, Mountain>Drums#>Rap@>Roll with the Changes
set3Taking Over^>Whipping Post>Summer>Jam+>Spring
Encore: Rappin' Ba-Chomp @%&
CommentChris Garges sat in on percussion for the whole set.
Buck Pryor played on most songs
$ = w/ "Smoke on the Water" teases
! = for Craig so he wouldn't spontaneously combust
* = w/ Ted rapping Nelly's "Hot in Herre"
# = w/ Walt singing "We are Family" lyrics
@ = w/ Michael Casey Leonard rapping
^ = w/ Ted singing lyrics WSP's "Chilly Water"
+ = w/ band intros, Ted on mouth trombone, and MORE "Hot in Herre" lyrics
& = w/ Brian Brittingham on drums
% = / lyrics to "Jam on It", Run DMC's "Sucker MC's", a rap tribute to Lee
Laurence, and Jason funkin to the style of Grandmaster Flash (anybody know
what song's lyrics?)
? = possibly teases of Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" in one of the
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Date Entered2003-02-01 13:35:24
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