Show detail for John Popper & Chan Kinchla - 07/02/03
Show Date07/02/03
VenueTwist And Shout
Set 1Sweet & Broken
Carolina Blues
The Mountains Win Again
Let Her & Let Go
But Anyway
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Date Entered2003-08-12 23:35:48
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07/02/03 - Master: AKG 461's (XY)>Graham Patten DMIC-20>D8>Echo Gina 24>Peak VST 2.8>CD

by Kyle Holbrook []

Conversion: Master CD>Aqua CD Burn 0.3>AIFF>Sound Studio 2.1.1b3>xACT

by Dave Mallick []

John Popper & Chan Kinchla
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Dave M [db.etree admin]SHN/CD AKG 460's>DMIC-20>D7John Popper & Chan Kinchla
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