Show detail for Col. Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains - 10/27/04
Show Date10/27/04
Venue4th & B
CitySan Diego
Set 1Bernie Intro
Band Intro
The Big Eyeball In The Sky *
Bernie Solo
Scott Taylor
Buckethead and Bernie
Elephant Ghost**
Drums (Brain Solo)
Drums And Whamola Jam
Stick Pit***
Tryanny Of The Hunt
Music For The Elephant Man
Thai Noodles

* With Gabby La La on Vocals
** With Gabby La La on Sitar
*** Buckethead Solo Song from "Monsters and Robots"
Show Added By:Michael Ricci
Last Update2004-11-07 12:09:51
Date Entered2004-11-07 12:02:28
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