Show detail for ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead - 02/20/05
Show Date02/20/05
StateThe Netherlands
Set 1Ode To Isis (tape)
Will You Smile Again?
It Was There That I Saw You
Days Of Being Wild
The Rest Will Follow
Aged Dolls
A Perfect Teenhood
Another Morning Stoner
Heart In The Hand Of The Matter
Totally Natural
Richter Scale Madness
Mistakes + Regrets
Ounce Of Prevention
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Last Update2005-03-04 12:43:08
Date Entered2005-03-04 12:43:08
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02/20/05 - Core sound binaurals (low cost version) w/ bass roll-off --> Sony MZ-N10 mini disc recorder --> analog in on soundcard --> Soundforge 6.0 --> WAV --> Flac frontend 1.7.1 level 6 --> Flac >
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