Show detail for Ali Baba's Tahini - 09/20/03
Show Date09/20/03
VenueNiles Riverfront Cafe
Set 1Shhh/Peaceful >
[unknown title] >
Riding the Road Down Under * >
Soul Food I
Carneval Chronicles *
Krojo's Blue Man Group rehearsal
42nd Street
Alice *
Air Movement
Darl's Gang *
Poster Prose *
Bad Poker
Nothing Too Fancy #
Good ol' Boys %
You Go To My Head
Cripple Creek
Handsome Molly
Partyin' Peeps *@
[unknown title] ^
Comment$ w/ improvised lyrics
# middle section only
% dedicated to Jake's grandfather
@ early, instrumental version
^ w/ band intros (by Brett Padgett)

Songs marked with a * denote tracks recorded in the Summer of 2004 (as part of an upcoming album!?!?)
Bad Poker > Good Ol' Boys: Jake solo on acoustic
You Go To My Head > Handsome Molly: Karl solo on claw-hammer style banjo (Karl was a little further from the mics on these tracks, so he's partially quieter than most of the other tracks)

ABT is/was: Jake Cinninger, Karl Engelmann, Kahlil Smylie, Steve Krojniewski, and an appearance or two by Brett Padgett.
Show Added By:Timothy Henningsen
Last Update2007-03-15 21:04:59
Date Entered2007-03-15 21:04:59
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09/20/03 - Source: unknown mics > V3 > DA-P1 > D8 (patched) > CD-R (see taper notes below). Transfer: CD-R > EAC > CDWAVE > FLAC. Taped by Michael Moriconi, archived by Tim Henningsen.
User Media Type Media Count User Source Info Notes
Timothy Henningsenwav/FLAC2Unknown audience source
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