Show detail for Wishing Chair - 04/02/05
Show Date04/02/05
VenueMemorial Hall, University of Kentucky
Set 1Underdog
Singing with the Red Wolves
Dishpan Brigade
Beautiful Soul
Outlaw Wedding
Intro for Reel World String Band
Coast Is Clear [RWSB]
Stamping Ground Set medley [RWSB]
Last Chance Lullaby [RWSB]
Karen's camping song [RWSB]
Piece of My Heart [RWSB]
Wild Women Don't Get the Blues [RWSB]
Bully Circus
Sue Mundy
Fieldtown Road Construction
Calamity Jane
Higher Ground
One Real Song
Ghost of Will Harbut
Hangin' by a String
Comment10th anniversary performance with special guests the Reel World String Band
Show Added By:Mark Goldey
Last Update2008-02-21 16:01:02
Date Entered2005-06-20 00:41:55
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