Show detail for Modereko - 02/06/04
Show Date02/06/04
VenueThe Good Hurt
CityVista Del Mar
Set 1 01. Sahara Sod
02. El Kabong
03. Getaway Float
04. Slump Town
05. Immigrant Song/pink floyd intro ->
Some Of That!
06. 35 Rooms (In the Hall of the Mountain King - Grieg)
07. Solar Igniter
08. Travel By Balloon
09. Miracles
(7 or 8 min of house mix and crowd at set break)
set2 01. Old Creed
02. Glitterati
03. Mad Cop w/ Mark Karan
04. Seven Heaven w/ Mark Karan
05. Fools In Love w/ Mark Karan
06. Allman Joy w/ Mark Karan
07. Jam (L.A.-Va tease)
08. 4/4 Jam (Schoolin' tease, Tronic tease)
09. Soul Cheese

10. Nitrous

Encore 2:
11. You Can Stay w/ Mark Karan
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Last Update2005-08-29 00:02:04
Date Entered2005-08-29 00:02:04
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