Show detail for Tony Trischka Band - 01/15/07
Show Date01/15/07
VenueWorld Cafe Live
Set 1Twilight Kingdom
Doggy Salt
Run Mountain

Foggy Mountain Top
"Double banjos are real fun..."
The Crow
Dig A Hole
The Blackest Crow *
Brokeback Stream *
Ivory Toad of Catalan @
For Pete's Sake ^
Molly & Tenbrooks
3rd String> 1st String
Rain & Snow
Road To Columbus #
Fox On The Run #
Fairwell Blues #
E: Salt River
Comment* Brittany solo
@ Tony, Noam & Skip only
^ Tony & Noam only
# with Bryce Milano (mandolin)

Tony Trischka - banjo
Noam Pikelny - banjo
Michael Daves - guitar, lead vocals
Brittany Haas - fiddle
Skip Ward - bass

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Last Update2007-01-18 11:05:48
Date Entered2007-01-18 10:04:27
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