Show detail for The Frames - 04/18/07
Show Date04/18/07
Set 1Song For Someone
7 Day Mile
The Cost
God Bless Mom
Stars Are Underground - ->
Sad Songs
When Your Mind's Made Up
Rent Day Blues - ->
You Have The Sun, I Have The Moon - -> (by: Magnetic Fields)
Pavement Tune
Your Face
Santa Maria
set2Blue Shoes*
Cactus Tree^
Finally - ->
Revelate - ->
Friends & Foe
set3Lymric Town % (by: John Hegerty)
Falling Slowly
Star, Star / Hotellounge
Comment* Colm solo
^ Colm & Rob
% Glen & Colm
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Last Update2007-04-21 14:00:42
Date Entered2007-04-21 14:00:42
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