Show detail for The Omega Moos - 06/27/08
Show Date06/27/08
VenueThe Temptress - Rocks Off Boat Cruise
CityNew York
Set 1jam
Too Much Time On My Hands
Green-Eyed Lady
You Should Be Dancin'
Talking In Your Sleep
Working for the Weekend
Double Vision
jam >
jam >
Easy Like Sunday Morning
Turn It On Again >
jam >
Sunglasses at Night >
jam >
Let It Whip >
Shine a Little Love
Show Added By:jack dietrich
Last Update2008-07-09 15:59:56
Date Entered2008-07-09 15:59:56
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06/27/08 - Sennheiser ME66's (PAS, DFC, Balcony railing above SBD) > Lunatec V3(dithered) > MT (16/44)
Toast (wav>aif) > Peak Express (fades, normalize) > CD SpinDoctor (tracking) > xACT (SBE/Flac 8/Tagged)
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Sean Moran  Aud
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