Show detail for Bill Payne - 06/22/13
Show Date06/22/13
VenueWorld Cafe Live
Set 1Intro
Devil In Your Smile
Piano Lessons/Keyboard/Organ playing
Gunboat Willie/Feathers And A Smile
Richie Hayward/ Manson Family
Cat Fever
Marc Josephs/Working on Movies
An American Theme
Writing songs with Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter Song/Tracing Footsteps (Bill's Photography)
Through The Eyes Of A Child(music)/All Out Of Innocence(poem)
Intro of Gabe Ford
Dust and Bones *
Working w/ Willie Dixon
The Blues Keep Coming
The Rolling Stones
Bluegrass Pines
If I Had A Mind To
A Thousand Nights
Q and A with Bill, Joe Rocco and Gabe Ford
Truck Stop Girl
Ohio State Story
Oh Atlanta
CommentEntire show dedicated to Marc Joseph

* Dust and Bones and Set II with Gabe Ford - drums
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