Show detail for Tea Leaf Green - 12/30/13
Show Date12/30/13
VenueCervantes' Other Side
Set 1One Reason
Penny Saved
Jackson Hole
One Condition's Enough
Precious Stone
Space Hero Pt. 4 (Letters Home)
Space Hero Pt. 3 (Forever In Space)
All Washed Up *
Kali Yuga # >
Let Us Go #
The Garden (Part III)
The Man Who Sold The World $
Monsters At The Gate
Ride Together >
If It Wasn't For The Money

Keeping The Faith
Space Hero Pt. 2
Comment# Jojo Stancato On Bass
* Ten Years Gone Tease
$ David Bowie Cover
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Last Update2014-06-02 22:44:54
Date Entered2014-01-20 18:47:13
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