Show detail for David Bromberg Quartet - 07/01/11
Show Date07/01/11
VenueWestcott Theater
Set 1Hardworkin' John
Who's Loving You Tonight
Bring It With You When You Come->
Wooly Bully
Blue Is Fallin'
Diggin' In The Deep Blue Sea
Dark Hollow
Over The Rainbow
Mitch Corbin Solo Instrumental
Fiddle Tune Medley w/ Turkey In The Straw
I Like To Sleep Late In The Morning
Statesboro Blues/Churchbell Blues
Summer Wages
Will Not Be Your Fool
New Lee Highway Blues

Roll On John (Off Mic)
CommentDavid Bromberg – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Fiddle, Lead Vocals
Nate Grower - Fiddle
Mitch Corbin – Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle
Butch Amiot – Electric Bass, Vocals
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Date Entered2015-06-11 11:12:29
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