Show detail for Jinx The Cat - 06/06/15
Show Date06/06/15
VenueKent Theatre
CitySaint John
Set 1Devil's Knockin' At Your Door >
City Streets
Runaway >
Paper New Year >
Robbed >
Swifty Dead Fish
Stranger Madness >
Drake's Bass Line
E: Pain Under Pressure
CommentThe 2nd annual Furball Funk Music and Art Festival.

This is the final Jinx The Cat show with Drake Adams playing bass! Thanks for all the great shows Drake.

Josh McKinley - guitar and vocals
Drake Adams - bass and vocals
Craig Bubba Osburne - drums and vocals
Drew Smooth Albert - keyboards and vocals
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Last Update2015-06-17 20:25:05
Date Entered2015-06-17 20:25:05
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