Show detail for fIREHOSE - 03/12/91
Show Date03/12/91
VenueAncienne Belgique
Set 1Intro
On Your Knees
Relating Dudes to Jazz
Down with the Bass
Riddle of the 80's
In My Mind
Walking the Cow
Whisperin' While Hollerin'
The First Cuss
Honey, Please
Epoxy, for example
For the Singer of REM
From One Cums One
Me & You, Remembering
Chemical Wire
Too Long
Another Theory Shot to Shit
Making the Freeway
Brave Captain
Slack Motherfucker (Superchunk cover)
Revolution (Part Two) (Butthole Surfers cover)
CommentWhat an incredible show! Great setlist, great sound, lots of banter from Ed and Mike Watt. Mercury Rev opened.
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Last Update2012-01-23 06:01:50
Date Entered2003-08-17 16:59:18
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