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Stage West, West Hartford, CT 06/01/2017 - 05/12/2018 ffp  wav-md5  [ zip for 141943 ] 0  10/26/2018 Add
Healy Treece Band: Patch off Healys' deck (unknown mics on a stand at the mixing desk)-> AGFA normal bias cassette masters w/Dolby B recorded on a TEAC A-170S. Transfer: Nakamichi Dragon (Dolby B) playback-> Lexicon Lambda-> Logic (wav tracking only)-> xACT (sbe correction)-> FLAC TRT 02:07:37 
Chateau de Ville, Warwick, RI 07/01/2017 - 05/12/2018 ffp  md5  [ zip for 141944 ] 0  10/26/2018 Add
Healy Treece Band: Unknown AUD kindly provided by Tim Friend. The sound is very nice. I am not sure of all the song titles, nor of all the band members. I attended this concert and am sure it was a Saturday in Feb 1980, and have guessed the date of the 9th based on the fact that they played Hartford on Friday the 8th. Transfer by Andrew F. 05/2009 
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