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Mateel Community Center, Redway, CA 05/01/06 - 09/15/2006 ffp  [ zip for 77425 ] 0  09/24/2008 Add
Martha Scanlan & Friends: Source: POST MATRIX #1: Soundboard>XLR>Silver Path Interconnects> E.A.A. PSP-2>Audio Magic Interconnects>Edirol R-4@24/96. #2: AKG C-414TLII\'s (cardiod, balcony, roc, 90 degrees NOS)> Segue Dogstar Interconnects>Lunatec V2>Silver Path Interconnects> Edirol R-4@24/96. Transfer: Edirol R-4>USB>Dell Dimension 4600>Samplitude 7.02 (tracks mixed, 65% board 35% mics)#####[see notes]>Wavelab 5.0 (downsampled to 44.1, dithered to 16 bit using Apogee UV22R algorythym)> CDwave 1.93.3 (tracked)>Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (level 8)>flac16. (shntoolverified) Recording and Transfer by Mark Burgin  

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