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2005 News: The band is putting together a DVD. See their Myspace or their Official site in case you can help them with material.

Date Venue Circ Date - Added Checksums Comments Last Edit #
Maida Vale BBC Studios, London, England 3/31/05;6/11/05 - 06/11/2005 ffporig  ffp  md5  [ zip for 29601 ] 1  06/11/2005 Add
Man Or Astroman?: SBD radio broadcast; Sky Digi-box> VHS > PC SB-Live via analogue connector> split with CoolEdit (13 tracks)> Audio CD with Nero> EAC> FLAC> EZT seed by Kettle; shntool join on t9,10 wavs> reFLAC by Diana Hamilton 
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