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Believe it or not, the guys in Jimmy's Comet honestly think that you are going to care about them. The guys in Jimmy's Comet honestly ARE really talented, and well rehearsed. The problem is, it would only worsen their idealism if you gave them the satisfaction of your attention. If you would like to put an end to their daydream, please listen to tracks from their new album, bye, I love you, bye., so you can say with confidence when you contact them that they should hang it up, get some dress clothes, sell all their gear, and grow old. Thanks for your time. Your help is much appreciated.
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House of Rock, Eau Claire, WI 04/06/02 - 04/17/2004 d1  [ zip for 19815 ] 0  04/17/2004 Add
Jimmy's Comet: Taper: Nick Anderson Source: DSBD > DAT > Sony MD MZ-R7000 PC Transfer: Sony MD MZ-R7000 PC > cD WAV Conversion: CD WAV > mkw > shn 
House of Rock, Eau Claire, WI 10/27/02 - 04/17/2004 d1  d2  [ zip for 19817 ] 0  04/17/2004 Add
Jimmy's Comet: Taper: Nick Anderson Location: Approx. 5 feet from either stack Source: at853 > Unknown CD Burner > MZ-N505 Transfer: MZ-N505 > Cool Edit Pro 2.0 > wav Tracking/Conversion: wav > CD WAV > mkwACT > shn 
Luther's Blues, Madison, WI 11-27-03 - 11/27/2003 d1  [ zip for 20723 ] 0  11/27/2003 Add
Jimmy's Comet: Taper: Unknown Source: SBD > CD Conversion: CD > EAC > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWav (nick anderson) * this show was originally TAO. i was able to spile tracks together in a seemless manner. is a not-for-profit website about Madison, WI USA musical group Jimmy's Comet. This site is run by fans, for fans. If you're new here, we recommend that you check out past news, register in the message boards and just start asking about the Comet. Most importantly spread Jimmy's Comet to your friends and family.
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