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07/25/2015 5 John Steinhaus First trade in a very long time, and it couldn't have gone down more smoothly. Great trader, very accommodating and not hung up on silly little details. It was a pleasure to participate!!
Rating for John Steinhaus:5(4)
06/24/2015 5 Kevin Tobin Videos my lists are at Video List and Audio List
Rating for Kevin Tobin Videos:5(2)
01/08/2015 5 arfarf Informed, helpful, generous and dedicated, rock solid trader. You couldn't ask for better. Thanks.
Rating for arfarf:5(2)
09/02/2012 5 Scott Zamurut x poordevil is a trader of the "old-school," variety, goes above and beyond to make the trade exceptional in every way. This is how trading is meant to be done!
Rating for Scott Zamurut:5(1)
07/20/2012 5 zowie excellent communication,send extra dvd with trade.highly recommended.
Rating for zowie:5(19)
09/16/2010 5 Darryl Hinko Just completed a trade with Dennis and he is true class. He is all you hope for in a trading partner, he communicates well, has a lot of great shows and gets them out quickly. I would trade with him again in a heartbeat and I hope we do again.
Rating for Darryl Hinko:5(33)
04/29/2009 5 Rajiv I have no words to express my gratitude to Dennis. He not only helped me identify a 25 year old Midnites show I had on a badly recorded tape(from my teen days as a Deadhead in India), but very graciously sent me a clean transfer of that very show and ended my 25 year quest. To top it off, he additionally sent me his entire Midnites collection and all this without expecting anything in return. Such folks give the world a hope that there is good out there. He is a friend for life and anything I can offer him in return will not make up for his generosity. He epitomizes "good karma"!
Rating for Rajiv:5(1)
04/07/2009 5 mikedeauk A great pleasure to deal with-thank you for your generosity Dennis
Rating for mikedeauk:5(12)
03/04/2009 5 Zman Trading with Dennis was a joy - quick and timely - quality stuff. Look forward to another one down the road.
Rating for Zman:3.26(19)
09/07/2008 5 william You sure are a special person! I wanna call you a jedi master! you have made the music and me a much better person! all the best and you rock! B
Rating for william:5(1)
07/13/2008 5 audiohead22 Very nice gentleman, pleasure meeting and trading with you! Anytime you need or want a show just make the request it's yours. Peace, M~
Rating for audiohead22:5(1)
05/17/2008 5 ziko Dennis is a real asset to the community. He is knowledgeable, reliable, has helped on projects. He mailed sources before but has since learned how to share via Bittorrent. Nice job. Thumbs up here
Rating for ziko:5(3)
01/21/2008 5 Chad Hensley poordevil answered my request at LL within no time. He is sending more than I asked for. Thanks Dennis!
Rating for Chad Hensley:5(2)
03/08/2007 5 Uncle Bobo Dennis is an honest and trustworthy trader who goes the the extra mile. I trust him you can too.
Rating for Uncle Bobo:5(1)
03/07/2007 5 E_Z_Wind Dennis Poordevil is the real thing! I made a passing comment re: a hard to find source at and HE pm'd me to offer a B-n-P!!!! Who ever heard of something like that before?!
Rating for E_Z_Wind:5(1)
03/02/2007 5 brendan My name is Brendan in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and I never met anybody as kind and hardworking as these cats Dennis, Joey, and nfagdtrfb > cbass > Lossless Legs torrent site re-seed . I never met them, but put a request out for a rare Garcia show (12-21-86). They went to work on the challenge right away, and have scored the audio in a short couple of days. I can't thank Dennis and company enough for the generosity and compassion. I hope to see him at a Ratdog show sometime so can thank him in person. Verry Happy in Coventry, Bebop917
Rating for brendan:5(1)
01/06/2007 5 Will Fantastic trade. Gives MORE than asked. QUICK. Looking forward to future trades. A true asset to the community.
Rating for Will:5(5)
10/29/2006 5 techumseh Mr.Dennis Poordevil. just goes to show that in this big ole mean ugly world there are still some kind souls around. sing me sweet and sleepy all the way back home! much love for ya man
Rating for techumseh:5(1)
08/10/2006 5 michael schuncke Dennis- thanks so much for the tempe 77 went out of your way to hook me up with the disc when the torrent went south. Gracias! Mike
Rating for michael schuncke:5(1)
04/30/2006 5 John Gibbs Dennis, well he's just an awesome guy to do trades with. Very Fast, Very reliable. He helped restore my faith in trading- and tossed in great freebie as well. And he's got KILLER stuff on his list! Thanks Dennis!!!!; )
Rating for John Gibbs:5(5)
04/22/2006 5 art kaufer Dennis is a great trader who despite a busy and hectic schedual made my wife extremely happy by sending her a ratdog show she was desperate to listen to. In addition without any prompting he sent me a number of links where an obsessive collector like me could find any number of shows. He is a guy who went well beyond doing a simple B & P. I can't thank him enough and consider him to be a real mensch.
Rating for art kaufer:5(1)
12/26/2005 5 Private Stock Dennis is the sort of trader you wish you could model other traders after. He was always quick with his response, very informative of the shows he was sending and went the extra mile in everything he did. Trading with Dennis not only gets you some great new muisc, but a wonderful new friend as well. Dennis started off our trade after he received a Jason Poe freebie and I commented about how I wished additional copies would be made available. Dennis contacted me and offered to pass a freebie to me and we sort of fell into a trade. From there things just grew into a 'exchange' of sorts with Dennis sharing some of his very favorite Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia shows and an extra DVD to cap off the entire exchange. Dennis was superb in every aspect of our trade and I'd welcome another trade with him anytime.
Rating for Private Stock:4.98(66)
12/05/2005 5 Chris Fraher I have traded w/ Dennis once so far and I must say I was impressed. He has a great list and is fast about trading, plus he threw an extra in! I highly recommend trading with Dennis.
Rating for Chris Fraher:5(5)
10/20/2005 5 Robert Pervere Dennis went out of his way to hook me up with some DVD's I had been seeking out for many years. When my blank disks arrived damaged he not only replaced them, but also added a bonus show. Overall a great trader & communicator. Thanks Dennis!
Rating for Robert Pervere:5(21)
08/08/2005 5 TheLoner I was badly jonesin' for the Pure Jerry Sampler, 2005. Dennis was kind enough to send me the disc gratis after I requested a BnP. I have done this before many times for other folks so let this be a lesson: Karma does win in the end. It was such a kind and generous thing to do. I look forward to returning the favor when I get home next month. Music saves! Thanx Dennis.
Rating for TheLoner:4.91(34)
04/18/2005 5 R J Great trade, music, and communication - Superb !!
Rating for R J:5(18)
04/11/2005 5 Dan McDonald I had a great trade with XDennis.
Rating for Dan McDonald:5(9)
01/27/2005 5 Alex Bushe Got some great DVDs in a trade with Dennis. He maintained excellent communication the entire time and was a pleasure to trade with; I highly recommend him. Thanks!
Rating for Alex Bushe:4.97(29)
10/23/2004 5 John Regan Thanks Dennis for the Jerry shows. Your extra efforts and communication made for an exceptional trade.
Rating for John Regan:5(3)
09/12/2004 5 Dennis is a great guy and a fair and honest trader,thanks Dennis,Eric
Rating for :0(0)
07/27/2004 5 Ian Vermiglio I'm really fortunate to have come across Dennis while scouring the lists on "" for top quality traders. The three most important attributes to a successful trade are Promptness, Quality and Communication, and he hits a 10 on all three counts. Looking forward to trading plenty more in the future.
Rating for Ian Vermiglio:5(1)
06/19/2004 5 Joey Browning ole Dennis is a lifelong friend!He would stick a needle in his eye before doing anyone wrong.Knows his Dead & Ratdog.
Rating for Joey Browning:4.92(24)
06/17/2004 5 dee el this guy,here, is a REAL faith-restorer in TRADERS, and maybe 'jus people in general. NOT ONLY did he include setlists for unlisted/oddball shows, but ALSO sent Xtra stuff. I think I remember reading a old story about a person that went out of their way for some1 else before...or was that just a dream..? PEACE+Happy Trades in the future... D.
Rating for dee el:4.76(25)
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