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Commenting Users Rating
02/17/2006 5 Aaron Wiedmann I contacted him for a trade, and got a very quick response & the received CDs in a swift manner. Highly recommended!
Rating for Aaron Wiedmann:4(9)
12/08/2005 5 Private Stock Trading with Mark is always a pleasure. He's got a great list to choose from, is knowledgeable and friendly in his correspondence and gets his end of the trade out in a timely manner. I've done several trades with him and he continually proves to be reliable. Thank you Mark, for yet another great trade. Lisa
Rating for Private Stock:4.98(66)
06/14/2005 5 Carey H. A real gem to etree!
Rating for Carey H.:5(12)
04/15/2005 5 thanks to the effortless and smooth as silk trade with Mark I'm groovin' to some terrific music. Would do it again any day. muchas gracias amigo!
Rating for :5(7)
03/28/2005 5 Wave Milor A real asset to etree...great trade,fast turnaround. What an unbelieveable collection!! Thanks, Mark!
Rating for Wave Milor:5(20)
03/27/2005 5 Mark Hoff Mark did a fantastic job on a big trade. Great list, great trade!!
Rating for Mark Hoff:5(1)
03/25/2005 5 kirk just finished 7 disc trade. grate comunication and overall deal. thanks again bud
Rating for kirk:5(5)
10/08/2004 4 Daniel Haddad good trade
Rating for Daniel Haddad:4.98(54)
07/27/2004 5 Josephine Trading with Mark was a terrific experience. My many thanks . . .
Rating for Josephine:5(3)
07/25/2004 5 Randy Foley Fantastic trade, amazingly fast, good communications, and wow!--what a trade list! Many traders could take a lesson or two from Bluesthinker! Thanks!
Rating for Randy Foley:4.96(24)
06/15/2004 5 Eddy An excellent bunch of discs in a smooth deal ! Thanks !
Rating for Eddy:3.88(8)
04/12/2004 5 JasonPoe Very smooth trade
Rating for JasonPoe:4.96(71)
10/13/2003 5 Brad Sanders great quick trade, everything sounds great. Would trade anytime. Thanks!
Rating for Brad Sanders:5(12)
04/01/2003 5 Dave Miller Mark and I traded six discs. He was sick with the flu, but he mailed my shows very quickly. I would definately trade with Mark again. Thanks Mark!
Rating for Dave Miller:5(8)
02/24/2003 5 Roy Chernikoff I just finished a 14 disc trade with Mark. He sent his discs right when he said he would and communicated throughout the trade. Thanks Mark!!
Rating for Roy Chernikoff:4.86(7)
02/01/2003 5 Mark Thompson unbelievable list !!! - very prompt service- willingness to work with you is great.
Rating for Mark Thompson:5(15)
09/12/2002 5 Bill Tripp Great 15 disc trade!!! Communicated throughout and was a pleasure to deal with. Would trade again in a heartbeat :)
Rating for Bill Tripp:4.96(27)
07/23/2002 5 Chris above average size trade done in a week. I really appreciate it
Rating for Chris:4.25(8)
05/01/2002 5 mustang fast trade appreciate the effort!
Rating for mustang:5(11)
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