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11/25/2003 5 Jon Phillips This guy helped helped me build up my collection and is always willing to trade. Awesome guy. Thanks a lot!
Rating for Jon Phillips:5(2)
10/15/2003 5 kristi great trader, always a pleasure!
Rating for kristi:0(0)
10/15/2003 5 Paul I can not say enough about Drew. I signed up for a B&P offer of his and he took me under his wing. I was a newbie and he helped me get a very generous start to my trading collection. Drew did a large number of shows for me and keep me in the loop on the progress as well as following up to ensure I received the shows back. Not to mention he was very timely on returning the shows. As I started off, I can't say enough. He was a great help to me and I would strongly recommend Drew to others. Thanks again Drew for all your help. Paul
Rating for Paul:0(0)
07/30/2003 5 Melissa Andrew has helped me so much in starting out my trading with a few B&Ps! Thanks again Andrew!!
Rating for Melissa:5(1)
06/02/2003 5 Chris Snyder Andrew is a great trader. I would definitely trade with him in the future. Thanks again Andrew.
Rating for Chris Snyder:4.94(18)
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