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02/22/2021 5 mjallen Super nice guy and does very good work. Sent a requested show with no questions asked in great quality!!
Rating for mjallen:5(4)
11/18/2020 5 Ambrose Spector Jeff's trade was very smooth and it all worked out perfectly. Don't hesitate to trade with Jeff!
Rating for Ambrose Spector:0(0)
02/09/2020 5 Shearing Jeff is a nice guy and very generous. Thumbs up!
Rating for Shearing:5(4)
02/24/2019 5 John H Jeff you are a fantastic trader I could not be more pleased with what you have sent me.
Rating for John H:5(2)
12/03/2014 5 ddpro Jeff is a fantastic trader. Highly recommended. Send the shows 2 hours after my request - I'm to blame because I'm much slower. Sorry Jeff!
Rating for ddpro:0(0)
11/24/2014 5 Tim Smith Thanks for this quick online trade, Jeff. Everything's cool!
Rating for Tim Smith:5(1)
10/21/2013 5 Warren It's been a pleasure getting to know Jeff as a trader & a friend. I would highly recommend trading with Jeff!!!
Rating for Warren:5(11)
06/17/2013 5 Andrew Long Just wanted to add a few thoughts... Our last trade did not in the end go so smoothly in all the details due to technical issues, but Jeff hung in there and went the extra mile. Hat's off.
Rating for Andrew Long:4.86(14)
12/17/2012 5 RM's Giant Live Music Archive Nice guy with great stuff. Thank you!
Rating for RM's Giant Live Music Archive:5(7)
03/01/2012 5 Uwe Z. Thanks Jeff for your recorded show. Great and friendly trader - highly recommended.
Rating for Uwe Z.:5(24)
04/16/2011 5 Russell Thanks for the trade, Jeff.Great list, got my share very quickly. They sound great!
Rating for Russell:5(16)
03/22/2011 5 pauldemo05 Very kind trader and made me 3 shows with a special request. Thanks for all your help Jeff!
Rating for pauldemo05:5(4)
01/29/2011 5 NBATrade32 Jeff was a complete pleasure to work with. He kept in great communication and shipped the product quickly. My list was limited, and he went above and beyond to make the trade happen. Thanks Jeff for the shows!
Rating for NBATrade32:0(0)
12/09/2010 5 iluvmewzic2 Jeff and I have traded numerous times. He is a top rate trader, he does what we all should do. He ships promptly and communicates throughout a trade. Jeff has also personally taped many shows himself to boot!
Rating for iluvmewzic2:4.88(8)
05/25/2010 5 MB Jeff did a B&P for me on a show that my wife and I attended.Everything went smoothly.Thanks Jeff for your generosity.
Rating for MB:5(42)
04/30/2010 5 davidrog Jeff and I traded twice recently and both exchanges were great. He has some of the best audio recordings that I've ever heard. I'd highly recommend that you contact Jeff for a trade.
Rating for davidrog:5(4)
03/04/2010 5 Roger Osburn Just completed another great trade with Jeff. I'm always up to do a trade with you, Jeff. Thanks for contacting me again and for your patience (again!).
Rating for Roger Osburn:5(18)
11/21/2009 5 JSW Just completed a trade with Jeff and have say, it could not have gone any better. Speedy turnaround, and friendly communication. Thank you!
Rating for JSW:5(9)
11/09/2009 5 BrianM I just had a great small trade with Jeff!Jeff was very friendly and was happy to help me out with a show ive been looking for:-)The Trade was fast and smooth with great communication, plus I got nice sounding show as well!I would be happy to trade with Jeff anytime!!
Rating for BrianM:5(10)
10/21/2009 5 Mike Langen I just finished a large trade with Jeff , and I couldnt be more pleased. His communication was great and the shows he sent me are fantastic. I would heartily recommend trading with Jeff to anyone.
Rating for Mike Langen:4.92(12)
10/11/2009 5 Brad Foster Traded with Jeff back in the summer. Wonderful trader! Took some time to transfer a few DATs I had inquired about and I received the shows very quickly! 5/5!
Rating for Brad Foster:4.93(15)
09/12/2009 5 Torben I had a very good trade with jeff: Good music,good and friendly cummunication.And he`s fast....I`ll do it again !!!!
Rating for Torben:5(8)
07/28/2009 5 Gary K A Good Trader To Know. Good Communication, Quick Delivery and Great Shows. Thanks Jeff
Rating for Gary K:4.95(66)
03/04/2009 5 niccolo mugnaioni We've done 2 trades and all the times its been quick and accurate trade with an high quality sound and good shows. He's also a tape recorder and his recordings are fine.
Rating for niccolo mugnaioni:5(7)
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