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Commenting Users Rating
01/05/2012 5 jim quick Posted an ISO in the forum, and Gary came through!! thanks
Rating for jim quick:0(0)
10/20/2008 5 SIRMick Over the years Gary has helped me out a great deal. A wonderful and generous person
Rating for SIRMick:5(5)
02/03/2008 5 ziko Gary-thanks for everything great collection - great sharer
Rating for ziko:5(3)
06/19/2007 5 Albix By request Gary has seeded a few shows for me and has helped me tons! He is a huge asset to the etree community!
Rating for Albix:4.67(24)
01/16/2007 5 Charles Bandrofcheck Asked Gary to seed a show for me and he responded very quickly
Rating for Charles Bandrofcheck:4.96(27)
12/30/2005 5 John Nobody Thanks for a great trading experience and an A+++ quality recording.
Rating for John Nobody:5(4)
01/24/2004 5 Joey Browning I,ve known Gary quite a few years now.He's constitutionaly incapable of doing any thing underhanded.KNOWS & LOVES the music.
Rating for Joey Browning:4.92(24)
10/23/2003 5 Dave Brown Another smooth trade with Gary for quality shows.
Rating for Dave Brown:5(2)
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