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08/13/2005 5 Donny Thanks Kirk, Good Communication and follow thru. Filled up the DVD with data, Above and Beyond.
Rating for Donny:5(11)
06/16/2005 5 Eric M. Nice trader, quality shows and quick to send. Appreciated the trade, Kirk! Thanks...
Rating for Eric M.:5(9)
08/21/2004 5 Jason Westerfeld Excellent trader! I recently completed a 14 disc trade with kirk. Everything went smooth and all of shows matched those at etree. Thanks Kirk!
Rating for Jason Westerfeld:4.88(8)
08/03/2004 5 Mark Schoof Good fast trade with good communication.
Rating for Mark Schoof:5(21)
01/07/2004 5 Alan (Slydell) Great Trader! Just did a two disc trade with Kirk. He had the discs out very quickly and communicated well.
Rating for Alan (Slydell):5(36)
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