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08/01/2017 5 Warren Childers Bill contacted me about a trade. He was willing to expand the trade. Bill was upfront about a show he couldn't locate and substituted another great show. Bill was timely and communicative through the whole process. Awesome trader and highly recommend trading with Bill if you get the chance!
Rating for Warren Childers:4.9(40)
06/13/2017 5 Gregg Beebe Bill sent me a show I have been trying to get for 17 years he is the only trader willing to help me get this one CSNY show, he went the extra mile and made the effort to send it to me. He is one of the great traders on etree highly I highly recommend and appreciate.
Rating for Gregg Beebe:4.93(15)
05/29/2016 5 seversky Just done a quick online trade with Bill and it went as smooth as possible. A highly recommended and great trader! Thanks for the shows!
Rating for seversky:5(2)
11/18/2015 5 ddpro Bill is a wonderful trader. Quick turnaround, nice show. Even tells me some interesting stories. Thanks Bill!
Rating for ddpro:0(0)
10/04/2012 5 bobadams5150 Thanks for doing the shows for me. When you were under the weather you found the time to do them. Bob
Rating for bobadams5150:5(2)
09/15/2011 5 Russell Thanks for the trade and for the extras! Discs were well packaged and he communicated well throughout the process. Highly recommended!
Rating for Russell:5(16)
07/18/2011 5 bobbyhatrock I had a great trade with Bill and all the shows turn out great! Thanks Bill! ANYTIME!
Rating for bobbyhatrock:5(10)
07/10/2011 5 Gary K A Great Guy To Trade With. Thank You.
Rating for Gary K:4.95(66)
04/11/2011 5 PJ Most generous trader I've run into. Included many extra shows. If you get a chance to trade with Bill, DO IT!
Rating for PJ:4.91(11)
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