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02/20/2004 3 Dan Eickhoff yo man interested in a trade, i like ur billy nershi & liza oxnard 10/3/01 my list is,
Rating for Dan Eickhoff:0(0)
09/20/2003 5 Andrew Clarke Or Hay..Tra da..Per Fect O
Rating for Andrew Clarke:4.7(10)
02/05/2003 3 Steve Klein Hi George, Like others, I'd like to contact you regarding the some of the Joni Mitchell shows you have for trade or BnP. I also have some you may be interested in as well as other shows...If so, please contact me at Steve
Rating for Steve Klein:0(0)
08/26/2002 5 Brian hey george... i'm really trying to get ahold of you but your email addy doesn't go through. i'm really trying to get a copy of galactic 5-16-02. please get back to me!!!!
Rating for Brian:5(7)
06/20/2002 5 Zach Mitchell George- Think you could spare time for one B&P??? I am a HUGE fan of Billy Bright and you have one of his only circulating shows....I trade all the time, so I promise it will get around. If you want something from me, my list is at Thanks for your time and consideration! Zach Mitchell
Rating for Zach Mitchell:0(0)
03/13/2002 3 Aaron Luptak Hello George! This comment looks a lot like the rest of you comments; I'd like to do a trade, but have no email address for you. So, I'd like to get ahold of the two Motet shows that you have, I have a server so we can do a nice and speedy etrade. My list is: please send me an email at: Peace!
Rating for Aaron Luptak:5(1)
06/28/2001 3 alan my name is alan,,would like to trade for your 5/4/01,,,all my cd's are soundboad,,contact me at if interested
Rating for alan:0(0)
05/03/2001 5 jhookah I would like to trade with you but your email adress doesn't show up.
Rating for jhookah:5(2)
10/31/2000 3 Ryan can someone out there please email me George Weiss' email address si I can get in touch with him??? Thanks in advance! Ryan in CA
Rating for Ryan:0(0)
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