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01/09/2021 5 xghs Thanks for the Quick xfer of files. All sources with known verifiable lineage. Very Happy with the filesets.
Rating for xghs:0(0)
02/18/2020 5 Shearing Just did a trade with Mark. He has awesome shows and is a fantastic trader. Thank you!
Rating for Shearing:5(4)
10/20/2018 5 mjallen Thanks a million Mark for your very kind help.
Rating for mjallen:5(4)
09/12/2016 5 alexbib I was missing a few shows and Mark generously sent them to me. He was also very pleasant and quick to reply!
Rating for alexbib:5(1)
09/30/2015 4 Bob O'Neill Hey Mark, I've been trying to get this 9/14/09 Arcata,CA Gov't Mule show for a long time, I downloaded it on archive years ago, but it wasn't up there very long. I noticed you were the one to upload the only source on etree. I'd be very grateful if you could help me out w/ that recording. I have lots to trade so if there is anything you're looking for I can probably return the favor. Thanks -Bob
Rating for Bob O'Neill:0(0)
03/07/2010 5 analog Archiving the Poplar sabbath Aug 31 1982 recording now from my master. Will have up on Dime Monday. analog4011
Rating for analog:0(0)
01/09/2010 5 robert goodwin Mark- Please contact me at your convenience re: the Ray Lamontagne show - your email doesn't work (I suspect on purpose :). Cheers, Bob
Rating for robert goodwin:0(0)
08/21/2009 3 Devina Hey Mark, i was seeing if you could possibly do a b&p for the dmb tampa 8/12/09 show. If so please email me at thanks - devina
Rating for Devina:0(0)
08/02/2009 5 Greg Mark, saw that you had the counting crows show from 8/22/03. Any chance I could get a copy? Tried to email you but for whatever reason it wouldnt work. Please email me
Rating for Greg:0(0)
05/30/2009 5 chris Allman Brothers Band - 11/11/95 Viking Hall, Bristol, TN Mark, Do you have this show available for BnP? I apologize that I have nothing to trade, but I've been out of trading for years and am looking to start back. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Rating for chris:0(0)
05/25/2009 5 sam mark i am new to this but i see that you have the john mayer concert from 08/06/2004 at pine knob (dte). I would love if you could send it to me somehow i have been looking for it since i was in 8th me at please!!!!
Rating for sam:0(0)
06/14/2008 3 Julie Mark, I saw listed the 7/23/05 AB show at Festival Pier in Philly. moe. openned. No torrent source listed to download. I use utorrent to d/l,dbpoweramp to convert flac but how do I d/l this show when it doesn't list a torrent source? Please advise, was there and would love to have. Thanks!
Rating for Julie:0(0)
Response: You can't download ABB shows on
05/29/2008 3 Jesse Hi Mark... I saw you list the follow ABB shows on 75. 05/14/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 76. 05/15/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 77. 05/16/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 78. 05/18/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 79. 05/19/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 80. 05/20/95 Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY 2 FLAC.16 I am wonderin' if you would be so kind to burn these shows on a DVDr(s) as BnP for me. Let Me Know!!! Contact me @ with the words Come Back!!! in the subject please!!! Come Back!!! Jesse Anson 848 Helene Street, Wantagh, LI, NY 11793-1622
Rating for Jesse:0(0)
04/24/2008 3 Cesar Gil Hey guy, what is your e-mail? Because I want one bootleg you have: Alter Bridge 06/15/06 My e-mail: Please, let´s trade! Thank you!
Rating for Cesar Gil:1(1)
Response: My e-mail is listed at the top of these comments and on my list where it says "contact" (or whatever the template says).
01/31/2008 3 cybercat Hey _ WHo are these people in Woody's TruckstoP?? My ex was in this band, recorded one album in late 60's early 70's...???
Rating for cybercat:0(0)
05/11/2007 1 jazztoday This person has been using his db.etree list to sell live concerts. Goldey/+Mark Goldey+paypal (click on any artist linked there to see the paypal logo on what is obviously a copy of a db.etree show list). That conduct is unacceptable and, if any evidence of it remains on the site the next time I check it, this list will be permanently deleted.
Rating for jazztoday:2.79(14)
Response: This amusing comment is from a former etreer named Steve Blanchard ( / / who was running a business selling jazz bootlegs on eBay and through his website,

He did this by linking his website to his db.etree list, with a redirection to paypal so you could click on a copy of his list and it would take you through to a paypal link to buy music.

You can see the remenants of that business in a few places:, and the Google cache link in the comment above. See also this thread:

That conduct is unacceptable for etree users, as set forth in our acceptable use policy:

After a warning, his list was deleted from and, at about the same time, he took down his freewebs site. Another victory against scumbags who sell live music.
10/16/2006 5 STLBlues Mark sent me a show, no charge, to help me out with a project. Great guy, highly recommend! Thanks Mark!
Rating for STLBlues:5(10)
03/03/2006 4 John Fuss Great trade. Added extra effort on his own behalf. Much Karma exuding from this fine gentleman. Thanks Mark, I'll trade with you any day.
Rating for John Fuss:5(1)
06/08/2005 5 Mike Mark is simply top-shelf...he sent me 2 killer shows fast and friendly.
Rating for Mike:5(1)
03/04/2005 5 Robert Pervere Great communicator & trader. He hooked me up with some sweet tunes I had been searchin' for a long time. Much thanks again Mark
Rating for Robert Pervere:5(21)
08/17/2003 5 Daniel Shay Mark really helped me out when I was in a pinch with some really useful troubleshooting info. He represents the best that etree has to offer. Thanks for the help!!
Rating for Daniel Shay:5(15)
03/31/2003 5 - j Great communication throughout the trade... Quality discs, and Hot! shows... Don't hesitate setting up a trade with Mark...
Thanks for the trade... That "Will Bernard 4tet" is Sweet!!

Welcome one of db.etree's newest admin's to the group...
That Sunship is one of my favorites. If I could give a higher than [5] Fantastic I'd be all over it!!! Thanks again...
Rating for - j:4.95(38)
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