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03/09/2006 5 Bluesthinker I was contacted by Wied for a trade. All was handled well, and in due course of time. Not an issue, so I would say trade away with him
Rating for Bluesthinker:4.95(19)
11/09/2005 4 Ben Luckett Wied did a large (16 disk) B&P for me. He was the 1st person to respond when I requested such help after having most of my shows ripped off. Very kind person and seemingly good trader, but his sound ratings may be a little generous. Just my opinion.
Rating for Ben Luckett:4(2)
Response: Yes, I admit sometimes I rate sound quality too highly based on performance, that's why I stipulate "Quality Grades(subjective)". I use a sliding scale based on age of the show as well, where an A from 1971 is different from an A from 2001. I try to be as accurate as possible on my ratings, but with ~800 shows, it's difficult for me to get all the ratings right. There are times when I pull out a show, listen, and see I have it rated a A- and don't know how that happened. I'm sorry.
10/08/2005 4 stogie My hats off to ya! Wieds a great trader. Thank you for the trade.
Rating for stogie:5(1)
10/06/2005 5 Private Stock I've dealt with Aaron on various occassions and find the following to be true: Aaron cuts through a lot of the BS that comes up on etree and he pretty much calls a spade a spade when it is required. (I don't think he worries about being "PC" and that sometimes causes people to get rubbed the wrong way). I do know that he is a quite reasonable individual and he can be extremely easy to deal with provided you are willing to forgo the petty crap and deal with him like an adult. I doubt seriously that Aaron intentionally "ripped off" Mike and I'd bet the farm that the entire ordeal could have been resolved to everyone's satisfaction if a different approach had been used. Aaron is a bit eccentric, but his wisdom, humor and contributions are the sorts of things that make etree the awesome place that it is. Don't allow a couple of comments to discourage you from trading with a really decent guy.
Rating for Private Stock:4.98(66)
09/14/2005 2 Mike I'd be very wary of this trader. He recently posted a message to the board that he wanted to get rid of some shows he rarely listened to. He failed to disclose that most of them were on crap media, or that one of them was found in a parking lot. I sent him 8 Fuji blanks in exchange for 8 cds. One of them was a show which he apparently picked at random (Floyd, 5/9/77), and which I already had. Below is my email to him, and his response. From me: > > These arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, you sent me a Pink Floyd show I already have, 5/9/77, instead of the one from 2/17/72. In addition, the Billy Joel show is incomplete (missing about 5 songs). To be honest, if I'd known this, I would have traded for it with someone who has the complete show. His response: > You said you didn't want the '72 show if it only had the first set (which I knew it did). I see now you requested the 6/19/77 show instead of the 5/9. Terribly sorry about that & the incomplete Billy Joel show. I did not know that it was incomplete. In fact, I found that show in a parking lot on my college campus. later Wied EDIT, 10/10 - Fine and dandy, Wied "made good" on the trade by finally sending the missing show. Still, I'd suggest only trading with him if you A) Get a complete setlist of the show in advance, since he might not even know if the show is complete, and B) Agree to a media brand in advance. Etree is filled with traders whose sites stipulate "no Imation, Memorex, etc.," but Wied is apparently cool with any old brand. The fact that he was looking to get new blanks in exchange for a show he found in a parking lot tells me he's the type who likes to get something for nothing, but if he's generally a good trader, more power to 'im. I still wouldn't trade with him again after that many brain farts in a single trade.
Rating for Mike:0(0)
Response: Okay, quite a bit of inaccuracy. "crap media": ok, granted there was one show that was Imation, but there were two T-Y, and the rest were Maxell. It's not like I sent all Durabrands or something like that. I do not consider Maxell to be "crap media". He knew they were already burned, and if he cared about what brand the CDs were, he should have asked, I would have gladly told him, and if he didn't want those brands I wouldn't have sent them. BTW, these were CDs I acquired in the past, not ones that I personally burned from torrents or something. Should I have gone apeshit & added bad comments to those people I got them from??? "Maxell.....You bastard...I'll slice you from ear to ear." "He failed to disclose of them was found in a parking lot": Of course, if you read further down in his comments, there is an excerpt from an email in which I do disclose this info. Also, it was listed in my list that it was found in a parking lot. Does the fact that it was once in a parking lot make it unplayable on CD players? I don't know what his beef with this is. "apparently picked at random": Clearly picked at random; PF: 5/9/77 & PF: 6/19/77 have nothing in common. Oh, wait, same band. Oh, wait, same year. I messed up, but it's not inconceivable that this was an honest mistake, which I tried to rectify. "He has not made good on replacing the show": Perhaps when he originally posted this, this may have been true, but I have since sent him the proper show. It's interesting to note that he posted this bad review six days after sending the email(including a weekend, only 4 business days). Even if I had sent the show the day I received the email, he probably wouldn't have gotten the show before posting his comments. I can't say this is my brightest moment as a trader, but I tried to make him happy. I sent along artwork for almost all of the shows(some color, some personally designed). Also, I discovered one of the shows he originally requested was TAO, and asked to pick another show, but I'm sure that was my fault somehow. EDIT 10/17/05: I would also suggest only trading with me if you care about music, and not CD brands. If you care about CD brands so much, buy a 50-spindle of T-Ys, open it up & stroke the CDs. Make sure you don't burn them, because that might cause defects in the CD dye. Sit at home & surround yourself with these disks(of course, only Japanese). Perhaps find a tub or washbin & fill it with these CDs, so you can go swimming in them. Also, invite people over to show off your T-Y CD collection. They will be very impressed when they see the labels. Expect comments like "Wow, are those really manufactured in Japan!?!?" & "Those CDs are fantastic, will you have sex with me on top of them?". You truly will be the talk of the town with your exotic CD imports, from a rare island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, according to legend. "Etree is filled with traders whose sites stipulate "no Imation, Memorex, etc." Yes, there are some. Is yours one of them? Also, only one show I sent was Imation, and none were Memorex. I have never encountered a list saying "No Maxell", which was the majority of what I sent, and you appeared livid at this.
08/23/2005 5 David Schroer good shows, fine trader. thanks.
Rating for David Schroer:5(55)
08/17/2005 1 Dylan Weid is the biggest jerk I have come across on this site yet
Rating for Dylan:0(0)
Response: I have never traded with this person, nor has he ever contacted me for a trade or vice versa. My personality has nothing to do with this; though the jury may still be out on whether or not I am a jerk, public comments should be used to inform others about who is a "bad trader", not who one judges from a few posts to be an undesirable disposition. And, good Lord, how hard is it to get those four letters in the proper order????? Funny how the two people who left less than glowing comments about me have no shows listed. Either they aren't too keen on sharing or use an alternate account to leave negative feedback....
07/07/2005 5 Greg Yurkovic Thank you!
Rating for Greg Yurkovic:5(34)
11/21/2004 5 RamblinRose Aaron is a great trader!! Thanks for all the extra work you put into our trade!!
Rating for RamblinRose:5(24)
Response: Glad you liked the CD sleeves! You kick ass!
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