PBS (Porter, Batiste, Stoltz) and Related Artists · 2009
Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Alligator Alley
Oakland Park

Hoodoo Thing You Got to Move Seven Desires What is Real Jam > Cissy Strut > Get Out of My Life Woman Sugar for Me People Say I've Been Hoodood Set 2: I've Been Up All Night Ring of Fire 1 You've Got to Change (You've Got to Reform) 2 Voodoo 2 Them Changes 2,3 Love Slip Upon Ya Like A Rolling Stone Norma's House 4
Pre-Jam Cruise show! 1. w/ "Bonefish" Johnny Stacey 2. w/ Tony Hall - vocals, bass 3. w/ Adam Deitch - drums, Eric Krasno - guitar 4. w/ Billy Vasquez - guitar No George Porter Jr. for this show. Carl "Kilmo" Pacillo, owner of Alligator Alley, on bass.

Savanna Bar
Jam Cruise
MSC Orchestra

Earl All We Wanna Do Norma's House All I Do Everyday Message From PBS Funkin'* > Not Fade Away > Funkin' Funky Miracle# > Sing A Simple Song# > Rainy Day Women# > Them Changes# Out In The Country^ I Get High$ > Wha Cha Say/It's Too Funky In Here$ Ouw^ Sugar For Me+ Meet Me In The Morning Fire Levee Take A Chance Notes: * with Kevin O'Day on cow bell # with Robert Walter on keys ^ with Ivan Neville on keys and the Bonerama horns $ with Ivan Neville on keys, the Bonerama horns, and Adam Deitch on percussion + with Walter "Wolfman" Washington on guitar

Savanna Bar

Grits N Hurricanes Hoodoo Thing Check Out Your Mind I Believe Us and Them > Any Colour You Like Name Up In Lights PBS (Funk The Best) > I Been Hoodooed* Cissy Got The Blues# Little Liza Jane# Bring The Flood Seven Desires^ Notes: * with special guest Mat Grondin on guitar. # with special guest on guitar, Greg, Mark, and Craig from Bonerama on trombones. ^ with Eric Krasno on guitar

Bennie's Boom Boom Room

Ausnacious Message From PBS Working In A Coal Mine Out In The Country Comin' At Ya Sugar For Me Grits N Hurricanes Them Changes Tippi Toes Funkin' All We Wanna Do Jam All I Do Everyday Check Out Your Mind > Jam > Check Out Your Mind Bring The Flood Hokey Pokey

Spirits Food & Friends

Mid City Lanes Rock 'n Bowl
New Orleans


Ausnacious PBS (Funks The Best) > Not Fade Away > PBS (Funks The Best) > Funky Miracle > Funkin' Bring The Flood > Bring The Flood > Out In The Country All We Wanna Do Wah Wah Me I Get High

The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans

New Orleans

with Page McConnell

Rhythm Room

instrumental Hoodoo Thing I Got to Get My Name Up in Lights * > Way Down in the Hole ** Like a Rolling Stone Going to the Country Bring the Flood
Livin In A Strange World All I Do Everyday Is Work We've Got To Get Together All We Want To Do Change Reform Them Changes Encore: Funkin
* a Meters song. ** a Tom Waits tune.

Ocean Beach

Set One: Earl (PBS) Funk The Best I Get High A Message From PBS > bass > Down By The River > Breathe > Funky Miracle > Rainy Day Women #'s 12 & 35 > Funky Miracle > Jam > Not Fade Away > Lil Liza Jane Hey Hey Hey (Get On Down) Set Two: Ouw > Take A Chance Cissy Pickup > Cissy Got The Blues Seven Desires > Jam

Joshua Tree Music Festival
Joshua Tree

Grits N Hurricanes Strange World Hey Hey Hey (Get On Down) Funkin' Way Down In The Hole ^ I Get High Fire Lamp All We Wanna Do Bring The Flood Them Changes Encore: Cissy Got The Blues -> Ouw

Hunter Mountain

Introduction Earl Strange World Mirror Mirror We're Funkin' We're Funkin' Part II After The Call Drum Solo > Get On Down I Get High
Mountain Jam

Skipper's Smokehouse

WMNF Jazz Jam

Waterfront Stage Park

instrumental I Get High All We Wanna Do > Norma's House ?wall? Funkin' Check Out Your Mind Get On Down > Not Fade Away > OUW Fiyo Levee
Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Revolution Live
Fort Lauderdale

Earl All We Wanna Do Mirror Mirror > Funky Miracle > I Get High > Message From PBS > Bring the Flood > Out in the Country > Check Out Your Mind Ausnacious Human Nature All I Do Everyday We're Funkin' Fearless Good Old Funky Music > He Bite Me > Strange World


??? ??? All We Wanna Do unnamed(The Storm) ??? Take A Chance I Got To Get My Name Up In Lights Jeremiah Intro > Voodoo Child%
Get Out Of My Life Woman Gotta Keep On Workin' Mirror Mirror ???Out In The Country Like A Rolling Stone I Get High Get On Down The Hokey Pokey Fire Lamp
% Jeremiah(Russell's {teenage?} cousin on lead guitar)

Bennie's Boom Boom Room

The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans

Wiggins Park

Camden Backyard BBQ

Maple Leaf Bar
New Orleans

SET I OUW Coming At Ya' Sugar For Me All I Do Everyday Down by the River > Breathe All We Wanna Do Hey Hey Hey (Get On Down) SET II Smoke On The Water (tease) > Earl Take A Chance / Let Me Have It All Message From PBS Like a Rolling Stone We're Funkin' Goin' To The Country Meet Me In the Morning encore: PBS (Funk The Best)

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