Leftover Salmon · 2021
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Set 1
Set 2
Set 3
Driftless Music Gardens

Easy Chair Hollerwood Unpromised Land Ran & Snow Find A Better Way Black Peter->Mt Dew->Foreign Fields-> Foggy Mountain Fogdown Banter - the GOAT
HooDoo Bash-> Midnite Blues->Milwaukee Blues High Country Something Higher Nobody's Fault* Little Maggie Better Days Tuna Peace of My Heart Wish I Were a Mole Hi-Way Song Boogie Black Hole Sun
* with Theresa from People's Brother Band on vocals

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Greeting Brand New Good Old Days Gold Hill Line Get Up And Go Troubled Times New Frontiers Liza Get Me Outta This City Stuff That Works Doin' My Time
Welcome back Eric! Blackhole Sun Boogie Grass Band Waterfront* Aquatic Hitchhiker Ants In My Pants Breakin' Thru Red Fox Run Left Unsung Something Higher** Freedom**
River's Rising Piece Of My Heart Category Stomp Places Don't Owe You A Thing Who Stole My Monkey Encore: Rueben's Train Boogie Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie
Notes: - Entire sets 2 & 3 with Eric Deutsch on keyboards - *w/Willa Emmit on vocals - ** w/Andy Frasco on keyboards and vocals

Falconwood Park

? Flyin’ At Night We’ll Get By ? Boogie Grass Band ? Oh Eliza Morning Sun Band Introduction ? ? Brand New Good Old Days > ? ? Black Hole Sun Keep On Trucking’ ? Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes Two Highways New Speedway Boogie > Not Fade Away > New Speedway Boogie > Turn On Your Lovelite > ? ? Ants In My Pants

Town Park, Blues & Country Music Festival

Telluride Tom Introduction Flying At Night We'll Get By Set up for Del & the Boys Blue Night * Boogie Grass Band * Black Hole Sun Brand New Good Old Days ^ Red Fox Run ^ Sunday Something Higher Category Stomp $ Breakin' Thru High Country Better Down in the Hollow
* w/ Del McCoury, Ronnie McCoury, Rob McCoury & Jason Carter ^ w/ Sierra Hull $ w/ Washboard Chaz & Sam Bush

Pickin' On Picknic
St. Clair

Liza Get Me Out Of This City Boogie Grass Band Tangled Up In Blue Red Fox Run Brand New Good Old Days Out In The Woods Aquatic Hitchhiker Blister In The Sun Melissa High Country * Big Mon * Little Maggie **
* w/Dan Andree ** w/Jason Scroggins

B-Chord Brewing Company
Round Hill

Carnival Time All Night Ride Long Hot Summer Day Breakin' Thru Brand New Good Old Days> Miss Sawyer Lovely Day Bird Call
Blackhole Sun Who Put Da Pepper High Country Woody Guthrie Out In The woods Bolin Creek* Walls Of Time* The Category Stomp Black Peter>^ Y'all Come^ Encore: White Freightliner Blues*^
* w/ Pattie on fiddle and Hank on banjo ^ w/ Danny Knicely on mandolin and Fiddlin' Dave

B-Chord Brewing Company
Round Hill

Sing Up To The Moon Flying At Night Liza Gold Hill Line Light Behind The Rain Something Higher We'll Get By Funky Mountain Fogdown Better
Intro Hollerwood Boogie Grass Band Steam Powered Areoplane Better Way Evermore Dance On Your Head Two Highways Don't Owe You A Thang New Speedway Boogie Whipping Post Up On The Hill Where We Do The Boogie Encore: Let in a Little Light

B-Chord Brewing Company
Round Hill

Troubled Times Southern Belle Westren Skies Ridin' On The L & N Better Days Morning Dew Four Twenty Song Shady Grove Zombie Jamboree
Intro Midnite Blues Get Up And Go Gulf Of Mexico Red Fox Run Rosalie McFall Aqutic Hitchhiker Astral Traveler Old Kentucky Sunday Sharon Lovin' In My Baby's Eyes Molly And Tenbrooks* Sitting On Top On The World* Encore: Unpromised Land Willin'~> Don't Bogart That Joint Rise Up, Wake And Bake Murcury Blues

Champion Brewing Company

I'm Gonna Live High Till I Die Blue Night Walls Of Time Red Mountain Wine Gold Hill Line Blues In A Bottle Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden) Oh Eliza Carolina(?) Lovin In My Baby's Eyes Ain't Gonna Work White Freightliner Stuff That Works Western Skies Ragtime Annie Tangled Up In Blue Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes) High Country > Breakin' Thru Brand New Good Old Days > Reach(A Little Bit Higher)> enc brake Bang a Gong (Get It On) Euphoria

Woodlands Tavern

Big Railroad Blues Steam Powered Aero Plane Jokester > I Don't Know You Sailin Shoes > Muddy Water Home Toujours L'amour Piece Of My Heart On The Other Side Aquatic Hitchhiker
If Your Ever In Oklahoma Sweet Louisiana Show Me Something Higher The Morning Sun The Walls Of Time Black Hole Sun Boogie Grass Band We'll Get By Doin My Time O' Sweet Child Of Mine

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Greeting By Vince Who Put The Pepper In The Vasoline Muddy Water Home > Brownsville Into Jam > ? > Battle Of New Orleans Riding On > Roses Are Free > Hony Tonk Women > Dangerman > Goin' Back To Ol' Kentucky Black Hole Sun Walk And Don't Look Back > Hot Corn, Cold Corn Show Me Something Higher Willin' > Don't Bogart That Joint > Cheese Frog Jam > Fixin' To Die The Morning Sun # Encore: Scott Morrell Bring Em' Back 3:20 > Good Night To Boogie Wake And Bake
# With Scott Morrell On Vocals Vince Herman - Guitar And Vocals Drew Emmitt - Mandolin, Electric Guitar, And Vocals Andy Thorn - Banjo And Vocals Greg Garrison - Bass And Vocals Jay Starling - Keyboards, Dobro, Pedal Steel Guitar, And Vocals Alwyn Robinson - Drums

The Variety Playhouse

Steam Powered Aereo Plane Jokester All Night Ride We'll Get By Show Me Something Higher Find A Better Way Evermore Southern Belle Breakin' Through Sittin' On Top Of The World Wild Horses Teen Angst Cripple Creek Encore: Franklin's Tower
w/ Mimi Naga guitar washboard vocals w/ Keller Williams guitar vocals

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