Fairport Convention 08/11/12
Fairport's Cropredy Convention, Cropredy, England
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Audience recording: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioids > Church Audio STC-9000 > Sony PCM-M10 > Soundforge 9 (44.1khz/16bit) > Traders little helper (Flac level 8) > You Recorded from 10m back, in front of left stack.
Fairport Convention
Fairport's Cropredy Convention
England UK
Saturday 11th August 2012

01 Intro
02 Mercy Bay
03 Albert & Ted
04 Fotheringay
05 I'll Keep It With Mine
06 Percy's Song
07 The Lark In The Morning Medley
08 Come All Ye
09 The Deserter
10 Walk A While
11 The Jolly Hangman
12 Sloth
13 Swarb's Lemons
14 Bring Em Down
15 White Dress
16 Night Time Girl
17 One More Chance
18 The Gas Almost Works / Cat On The Mixer / Three Left Feet
19 Red Tide
20 The Jewel In The Crown
21 Honour And Praise
22 Dangerous
23 Portmerion
24 The Hiring Fair
25 The Brilliancy Medley / The Cherokee Shuffle
26 The Hexamshire Lass
27 My Love Is In America
28 John Gaudie
29 Danny Jack's Reward
30 Farewell Farewell
31 Matty Groves
32 Meet On The Ledge

Simon Nicol – Guitars, Dulcimer, Vocals
Dave Pegg – Bass
Ashley Hutchings – Bass
Chris Leslie – Fiddle, Mandolin, Bazouki, Banjo
Richard Thompson – Guitar
Jerry Donahue – Guitar
Martin Allcock – Guitar, Keys
Dave Mattacks – Drums, Keys
Gerry Conway – Drums, Percussion
Dave Swarbrick - Fiddle, Mandolin
Kamila Thompson – Vocals
Kristina Donahue – Vocals
Blair Dunlop - Guitar, Vocals
Rebecca Lovell - Mandolin, Vocals
Megan Lovell - Lap Steel, Vocals

Audience recording: Church Audio CA-11 Cardioids > Church Audio STC-9000 > Sony PCM-M10 >
Soundforge 9 (44.1khz/16bit) > Traders little helper (Flac level 8) > You
Recorded from 10m back, in front of left stack.

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Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t01.flac:798e9a63bcfe952f0b41be25b321b4d2
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t02.flac:36391880d5847e25f080ba67901c9c62
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t03.flac:053a746a18d3cff516b8d0d12ae98bfa
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t04.flac:3798b4c141d5ddcaf03f9a31ad431e0b
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t05.flac:6e548c28e2e59447fb854aa99c71536b
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t06.flac:8880b00e8e321419e331433bae3126bf
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t07.flac:b8264ac65315ed059295573cc4918f89
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t08.flac:2de55be8e08153987270c2954a461f6f
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t09.flac:da48b45e94f52cdf26b84b0e54fe32e9
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t10.flac:8916da98e2f417268e1027892a03192a
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t11.flac:32af8074fa0f31e19c5460e18f39e7d2
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t12.flac:02c1157c548f2554a74787b56379a623
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t13.flac:18f9e7d6b9c318319c287e8b3c11c01c
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t14.flac:e78dc3d0faf29a0669766749a053df3e
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t15.flac:aa4f2db200e2aca5ba3aaba18e666c83
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t16.flac:d2dc9f734cc07ef856fcc08714d28083
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t17.flac:cf6aeca811d54dd94954d8329c3373ef
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t18.flac:f786519350bea0940c232a187a1c9e8b
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t19.flac:903c99d93eb026979a83b3fa012fc7bf
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t20.flac:df39937fe23778af721f03ec120ef193
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t21.flac:bcd0e1382e538f77169e742f1a7d7351
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t22.flac:c258df39709f5acd0f90bd2994ebc6d4
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t23.flac:b2df3e77fe20514ac821db3883d176fc
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t24.flac:9f96e7c6f1b3dff3b53a94eb3c9f5867
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t25.flac:b1d77e4f07b39797df97887f1da8cfab
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t26.flac:fb94c1e2f633ee5d2eb824e03b0caffa
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t27.flac:24b3af0e046c9ca509d2afae8c81d220
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t28.flac:69c2bc2b263ec566d97746e08f4ba986
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t29.flac:9501fb849886c21fe6f7ba85d042ce30
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t30.flac:69d674229c95bbd85a4fcf1103ad0167
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t31.flac:58f2149dca19e8cb1cf50a440944090d
Fairport Convention_2012-08-11_t32.flac:5fe335bf8a5102d0da90239f9f75815e

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