Bomb Squad 02/24/05
The Stone Church, Newmarket, NH
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Entered by Brian C
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Source: Oktava mk-012 (hyper) > Ua-5 > jb3 Lineage: Jb3 > soundforge 6.0 > cdwave > flacfrontend
Jen Durkin and the BombSquad
The Stone Church
Newmarket, NH

Source: Oktava mk-012 (hyper) > Ua-5 > jb3
Lineage: Jb3 > soundforge 6.0 > cdwave > flacfrontend

Disc 1
1. Sophista Funk
2. Real Deal
3. Lickin Stick
4. Before its too late
5. ????
6. Brandnew Funk
7. True Thang
8. Keep on movin
9. Supernatural (freak of nature)
10. Wherever you are
11. Ready to ride

Disc 2
1. Get em Hot
2. Gemini
3. Do watcha gota do
4. ????
5. What you see is what you get ->
6. NY City
7. Crowd
8. Jenny
9. Find another lover
10. Rise above it

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aac5d071f635ce29e88a8d144811d2bc *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t02.flac
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6ad504e5ef5f3e095f0cee80b8ecd880 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t04.flac
6ec98864c7a9ea68af5ea6216376cfc6 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t05.flac
4d6a819c3129c10b43d0797d4cf5f4a3 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t06.flac
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006a31ef98b3bb9f7c791ec725a69bc4 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t08.flac
ebba2f7b0b9e78905ce67bd6f3d1abc5 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t09.flac
836be0367e1f24a806c6a2cc86b2d847 *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t10.flac
73c359d1651778e131d6f78f94715b5f *bomb_2005-02-24 d1t11.flac
637d7b1c656673c87fb7f44a984571f9 *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t01.flac
48c768574f35d357a9983bf9148b1914 *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t02.flac
b075e99ab9814f56c9630db45d5b2a42 *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t03.flac
48e1a675f33e4ac330e312550f1a4fef *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t04.flac
eed422744a8651ad8dc74e674ee5068e *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t05.flac
c324d6b5636df85e0f79ab7c0fdd1eba *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t06.flac
471d5b27bd9a6793af3998399bfca9c0 *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t07.flac
341869a38836f490cbd17a0284fd6c8c *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t08.flac
7c19bfb7bccd2d8d884640fbf1a61f75 *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t09.flac
286459468bfd6394ed7972966a5503ec *bomb_2005-02-24 d2t10.flac

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