Big In Japan 01/10/04
Murph's Other Bar, York, PA
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Entered by Nicolas Caudle
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FOB ADK TL (DIN) > m1202 > M1; M1 > Audiophile 2496 > SoundForge 6 > CDWav > SHN
Big In Japan

Murphs Other Bar
York, PA

disc 1
set 1
11 tracks

disc 2
set 2
8 tracks

FOB/DFC- 15' from stage
ADK TL(DIN)> m1202> M1
M1> Audiophile 2496 s/pdif> SoundForge 6> CDWave> SHN
bce33198c0ff7b4de56d42214d08071c *bij2004-01-10d1t01.shn
06c2c12438ceef08a842dbcbc16eba6b *bij2004-01-10d1t02.shn
2046573ac52c5c8ca32dec604f744aa6 *bij2004-01-10d1t03.shn
0d8e5efcfc057247958e7851e263c6c4 *bij2004-01-10d1t04.shn
17cb1f8e8961f942d07a1b4d431444af *bij2004-01-10d1t05.shn
8fb26609890553cac69375e33cf6e2b2 *bij2004-01-10d1t06.shn
353e052716cb7c63c2d21377392fa538 *bij2004-01-10d1t07.shn
00b0fdcc1200793fdc631d5e1417362c *bij2004-01-10d1t08.shn
bc49207e51ea52b567c4661e1a3cda72 *bij2004-01-10d1t09.shn
ee925dc2f4a96898e5e16de6d71b35f9 *bij2004-01-10d1t10.shn
cda33097d61532fa632e8f383d2480f3 *bij2004-01-10d1t11.shn
24afcf72897ccb151166d80a83115d07 *bij2004-01-10d2t01.shn
a01b826c699b90ab6fe5b49ea07dac03 *bij2004-01-10d2t02.shn
7d8d44bb6bc9a79abb06154d4958c142 *bij2004-01-10d2t03.shn
7dc96d81ebf09cbcf83c21249616e5b6 *bij2004-01-10d2t04.shn
74fe57b44208066a07da69d31e37e10d *bij2004-01-10d2t05.shn
87a83cc7f7451ec9ca3fd8e87b6b5568 *bij2004-01-10d2t06.shn
81abe5730ffa9686ebe8fcde03c5689a *bij2004-01-10d2t07.shn
dbc33ca301559acd7257c7f6c94e244a *bij2004-01-10d2t08.shn

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