Indiana Trip Factory 05/08/01
The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN
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Indiana Trip Factory - The Bluebird
Bloomington, IN
May 8, 2001
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1. Freddie McGee
2. Dancing Hat Jam *
3. Thank You Tundra
4. Calliope
5. Boxophone

*First time played.  The dancing hat was introduced this night as a prize for the best
dancer. The hat resembels a cross between a cardboard box, a patchwork quilt, and
velcro straps.

This was the gig where ITF opened for Merl Saunders.  Merl saunders asked Andrew (aux.
percussion) to sit in on a couple of songs.  Andrew ended up on stage the entire show.
e8491de5bd5a37417bd27d6aad691013 *itf01-05-08t3.shn
e0d96e8d85360464ed6612b0fe42c6e1 *itf01-05-08t1.shn
9cfc764cf7b286b882f4e9cfcc6379fa *itf01-05-08t4.shn
03d5575fd355f210aa0c4b0640ffe28a *itf01-05-08t5.shn
e8eb983cc4ba6d3ee3069236aa9668c3 *itf01-05-08t2.shn

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