Soul Coughing 07/15/96
Khyber Pass, Philadelphia, PA
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Coresound Binaurals w/ Battery Box>Sony D7>Sony D7>Echo Mia>Cool Edit Pro 2.1(Recording/Resampling to 44.1kHz)>CDWave(Track splits)>mkwACT
Soul Coughing
Khyber Pass Pub
Philadelphia, PA
July 15, 1996

Source: Coresound Binaurals w/ Battery Box --> Sony D7
Transfer: Sony D7 --> Echo Mia --> Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (Recording/Resampling to 44.1kHz) --> CDWave (Track splits) --> mkwACT
Taped and Transferred by: Zrrbrrt

1.  Intro
2.  Lazybones
3.  White Girl
4.  Like a Prayer --> Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago
5.  Soft Serve
6.  Soundtrack to Mary
7.  Collapse
8.  Wichita --> Wonderwall (sort of)
9.  Paint
10. Sugar Free Jazz
11. Idiot Kings
12. Super Bon Bon
13. Blue-Eyed Devil
14. Crowd / Thank you
15. Moon Sammy
16. Screenwriter's Blues
17. Uh, Zoom Zip

Length: 70:10

To put some of the comments from Doughty (and the crowd) into perspective, the Khyber Pass is a pretty small club, and on this night it was about 120 degrees in there and packed in like sardines. To make matters worse, it was pouring rain all night, and the only door was right behind the stage, so they couldn't open it.

This is a nice recording of a great show. There is some audience chatter, as you might expect with CSBs in a small, packed club, but nothing that really detracts from the show. This show was previously seeded on STG in late 1994.
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c27cbbc6ea5c010eeed9e99ef0256f67 *sc1996-07-15t03.shn
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c1bed7c550ca0e3abcec8baa53930b54 *sc1996-07-15t05.shn
413d0ef1c79e7193e969d24dc1669b22 *sc1996-07-15t06.shn
21c83961a52f185702bb33488e1b02fc *sc1996-07-15t07.shn
96b3fde9e7f4e1a918bb96964e41e3e4 *sc1996-07-15t08.shn
b4c21920ddcacc90afa983c1fefda4c3 *sc1996-07-15t09.shn
de611587178f322aa9701efa4744fb54 *sc1996-07-15t10.shn
1a4b913b72cb652cfa0577a86cf0d573 *sc1996-07-15t11.shn
e71fa50eb0788dd5ba82587ae2d2c7a8 *sc1996-07-15t12.shn
cae5cf335330918abb48aa219d1560bb *sc1996-07-15t13.shn
65fc62fe34260ac0184a79140eaa2875 *sc1996-07-15t14.shn
86ad4114609a701f8f02823afccbc3f0 *sc1996-07-15t15.shn
43dd90edc2756f2a875ab97593c9bfe3 *sc1996-07-15t16.shn
f42630835defe578f90be40c17388ebd *sc1996-07-15t17.shn

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