Moniska Lewinsky & the Clintones 09/27/02
Rejavanation, Poway, CA
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SBD>8 Track Recorder>?>WAV>Cool Edit 96 (Tracking)>MKWact Taper: Kris
Moniska Lewinsky & the Clintones
"Our name is horribly out of date but that's okay...
So are all of our songs."
September 27, 2002
Live at "Rejavanation"
Poway, CA
SBD>8 Track Recorder>?>WAV>Cool Edit 96 (Tracking)>MKWact
Taper: Kris

01 Introduction
02 Pompeii Ruined My Day
03 Chatter Part 1
04 Did Eberling Own A Comb?
05 Chatter Part 2
06 I Shook Up The World
07 Chatter Part 3
08 Bomb Shelter

Josh - Vocals, Guitar, Lame Chatter
Brett - Saxophone, Lame Chatter

Do you have comments, questions, or the need to tell us that we befouled your ears with off-key singing and terribly annoying banter?  Please feel free to e-mail the band at

Encoding this show to MP3 would be such a silly thing to do!
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4575929dfb246cc74dc45231d2a65b28 *MLTC02-09-27t08.shn

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