Mike Doughty 06/27/04
Solar Culture, Tucson, AZ
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Sharp 702MK MD with Core Sound Low Cost Binaural mics > Optical Transfer through MOTU 828 > aiff >
Mike Doughty
June 27, 2004
Solar Culture, Tucson, AZ
Keaton Simons - opener, The Mike Doughty Band - headliner

Taper:  Mike Buffington

Source: Sharp 702MK MD with Core Sound Low Cost Binaural mics > Optical Transfer through MOTU 828 > aiff


"warm up"*
Grey Ghost
St. Louise is Listening
Ways & Means
The Only Answer
Madeleine and Nine
Move On
Tremendous Brunettes
White Lexus
Sunkeneyed Girl
I Hear the Bells
Unsingable Name
Rising Sign
"Bonnaroo story"
Never Gonna Come Back Down
Super Bon Bon
The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)
Thank You, Lord, for Sending Me the F Train
Down on the River by the Sugar Plant
Busting Up a Starbux

fake encore (not recorded, just fyi):

(True Dreams of Wichita - I can't remeber if this was played)
Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well


* In order to fit the show on a 80 min. CD, you can delete this first track, which is just a hello from Doughty, band intro, and some minor soundcheck stuff.
e43550efc1790e5ac50d21f438e3ae53 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t01.flac
9b15fb32532b4247cc748e799213228c *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t02.flac
5a65641a4fa76721fd157d465a328a9d *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t03.flac
7e49c255176444e90e89ba6ed338c97d *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t04.flac
466692ea0a607ebc1ccc0dc4f4e7926e *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t05.flac
e070b410fcc9474a09863c3a47907ebb *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t06.flac
08b1c467a1e02d0b0d346b38ba1f0314 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t07.flac
a60d063585d645dbc8f9bcbc0d0d998b *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t08.flac
32417543a576f61560d6ac9eef330d3f *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t09.flac
6ecf1db4b0954e8153316b43794f9c7d *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t10.flac
c9d3c105052b6153675b453762e18498 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t11.flac
8004c70240ee229986ade3d761de71dc *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t12.flac
d42fbfc8d82a89dc2f2f8a4db70d6271 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t13.flac
772c3b8026dd80aa6dc727a95735de03 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t14.flac
40cf5e119cd7041955d72a4087a84a85 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t15.flac
9837c3a42c196eaf6f8d21f0456a247d *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t16.flac
a790cdb34f9cdbdad517c935c85262c0 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t17.flac
97a7f127ccb7c145a4014b987bc5fe15 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t18.flac
a209edb9ffab2df51182448dd7fc9915 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t19.flac
507d76cfcd89c8e969f9b80383a38699 *mdoughty2004-06-27d1t20.flac

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