Los Lonely Boys 10/14/04
Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, AZ
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Los Lonely Boys
Phoenix, Arizona
Memorial Coliseum
October 14, 2004

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Cover Art: For many LLB shows, including Phoenix, October 14, 2004, check out...


Audience recording (MiniDisc w/Core Sound Stealth Mics & bass rolloff filter)
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Los Lonely Boys (Garza brothers Henry on guitar, JoJo on 6-string bass, and Ringo on drums) bring Texican rock'n'roll to Phoenix at the Arizona State Fair.  There was no opening act, the Boys appeared and went straight into their set with very little preliminaries.  

Reese Wynans (who played with SRV, among others) joined the Boys on organ for their set and takes a solo on "I Am The Man To Beat."  Wynans was grinning like the Cheshire cat throughout the show, obviously enjoying playing with these exciting young musicians.

If you want to see how good these guys really are, buy their new DVD ("Live in Austin").  It's only about $10 and their musicianship and showmanship will amaze you!  I think this Phoenix show was just as good (though maybe not as long) and Henry really stretches out on Onda!

I swapped MiniDiscs after "Senorita" so there is some loss of between song chatter before "Heaven" but I got all the music.  I think this is one of my better live recordings, but there is the usual "audio verite" (aka - crowd noise).

Track List:

D1T01 - Intro 0:09
D1T02 - Crazy Dream 6:20
D1T03 - Hollywood 6:31
D1T04 - I Am The Man To Beat 5:19
D1T05 - Velvet Sky 6:02
D1T06 - Onda 20:14
D1T07 - More Than Love 5:18
D1T08 - Supper Time 4:52
D1T09 - Real Emotions 5:01
D1T10 - Senorita 9:30
D2T01 - JoJo chatter 0:42
D2T02 - Heaven 6:56
D2T03 - End Of A New Beginning 10:38

The show is just a bit under 90 minutes. JoJo (or maybe it was Henry) annouced during the show that Ringo was sick, but you couldn't tell it from his playing!

Don't miss these guys if they ever play near you!  You will not be disappointed!!!

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2cfc18b3d6040d857f123d11a6566224 *LLB_2004-10-14_D1T02.shn
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dcf26fce2fe3a7edbf26a4d6934011c1 *LLB_2004-10-14_D1T08.shn
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a9bc7110e9ac9966731e5a4d0756bc72 *LLB_2004-10-14_D1T10.shn
bccfb2ead0b1251d220d7f2b218ea932 *LLB_2004-10-14_D2T01.shn
edff6e3c68617a6b4ed72a28b4c64106 *LLB_2004-10-14_D2T02.shn
60d92a2065f59bbc50d5ff23e86aa2e1 *LLB_2004-10-14_D2T03.shn

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