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aud/dat-m [ss dsm-6s>pa-6lc3>m1@44.1khz] *20ft from stage, 8ft up, on a column* > cdr-0>eac v0.95 beta 3>wav>flac (flac frontend, level 8)
artist: ...trail of dead
date: 2003-09-16
venue: emo's, austin, tx, usa
taper: andrew fogelsong
source: aud/dat-m [ss dsm-6s>pa-6lc3>m1@44.1khz] *20ft from stage, 8ft up, on a column*
conversion: tascam da-20 mkii>coax>delta dio 2496>cool edit pro
flac: cdr-0>eac v0.95 beta3>wav>flac (flac frontend, level 8)

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01: Intro
02: It Was There That I Saw You
03: Another Morning Stoner
04: Baudelaire
05: Homage
06: Fake Fake Eyes
07: How Near How Far
08: Monsoon
09: Intelligence
10: Days of Being Wild
11: Totally Natural
12: Richter Scale Madness
13: Wasted [Black Flag]
14: A Perfect Teenhood

329a0b65779a34bf13ddcca92ad71c4f *tod2003-09-16t01.flac
39798a9eda48db095f7845ba5f9bf598 *tod2003-09-16t02.flac
86e490f24a2c3b26a754c12d9846cf53 *tod2003-09-16t03.flac
a53129b870b1c670935278632582db6e *tod2003-09-16t04.flac
d8d88729199dea53c7534d724a0e2659 *tod2003-09-16t05.flac
c18772a176a9e2e7d2dc1e314a9557f2 *tod2003-09-16t06.flac
4b8b8afd2034180ce9afddcef5f25861 *tod2003-09-16t07.flac
d1735345a59bf89f660ddd44b6fa469a *tod2003-09-16t08.flac
4b02b6e82ae941aeb63b7a15d6d7f731 *tod2003-09-16t09.flac
28d635d44850066c4d808d72da6ff125 *tod2003-09-16t10.flac
f9cb404007f006a04a5f4c405246a755 *tod2003-09-16t11.flac
8d2310e97e22452507a4de8b8a2bf271 *tod2003-09-16t12.flac
89ac164f6e1fd0bcfc98c8fe78d0d932 *tod2003-09-16t13.flac
92132605797de9cdfd46bc48b5624ae6 *tod2003-09-16t14.flac

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