Aftergrass 08/27/05
The Abbey Theater, Durango, CO
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\f0\fs24 \cf0 Aftergrass\
August 27, 2005\
The Abbey Theatre\
Durango, Colorado\
Source: soundboard\
Taped by Jonny Billy \
1. EMD (With the Pagosa Hot Strings)\
2. Red Headed She Devil\
3. That's What I Do\
4. What's Inside\
5. Anamelia\
6. Hot Hot Hot!\
7. Pseudo Suicide\
8. Divine Bovine!\
9. Sound Puddle\
10. War With Utah (not iraq)\
11. Voodoo Lady\
Show Notes:  This was Aftergrass's set at a benefit concert for Daewon Mickleson, a snowboarder injured at Purgatory Ski Area in 2004.  Aftergrass is joined by the Pagosa Hot Strings for the first song.  \
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