Maktub 05/11/05
The Funkbox, Baltimore, MD
Source # 75932
Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source: SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3 Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN Taper: Jeff Mewbourn
The Funkbox
Baltimore, MD
May 11, 2005

Source: SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (

  1. Intro>
  2. Nobody Loves You Like I Do
  3. When I Think of You
  4. Seein\' Is Believin\'
  5. See Clearly
  6. Dialogue
  7. Twenty Years
  8. Say What You Mean
  9. You Can\'t Hide
10. Hunt You Down
11. Feel Like Another One
12. Blown Away
13. Just Like Murder
14. Promise Me
15. Gimme Some Time
16. Right to Breathe

Line-up: Scratch Track>Maktub

d26f735d6514a577e55e69ae1995c12e *maktub2005-05-11t01.shn
b31741589afdd5891fcf810d804ca5eb *maktub2005-05-11t02.shn
b8f969116f827d2087dd6747c54ccf66 *maktub2005-05-11t03.shn
1205901f6d28285040b39bd874a620df *maktub2005-05-11t04.shn
ef5140501c88c6b8fb0119049afb968e *maktub2005-05-11t05.shn
21be880fd848cc7cb4fbfe0423ff62d8 *maktub2005-05-11t06.shn
02bedaf7c1d438fb6f786a043ad7747e *maktub2005-05-11t07.shn
4656fb3c8f1600067bd195c61aa07b40 *maktub2005-05-11t08.shn
ec5097567cdf8aac7e7f2fd01017e8e4 *maktub2005-05-11t09.shn
141ad3e9df22ab80989557f3b69942f7 *maktub2005-05-11t10.shn
3b61804e17aa83bceb568a76a64cdcc9 *maktub2005-05-11t11.shn
976ef389c27cbfc32e5919429a213425 *maktub2005-05-11t12.shn
35a42aeda6200231f805e14e3da8b3b6 *maktub2005-05-11t13.shn
17a4b750b5496800e85dc7edf3e5a00c *maktub2005-05-11t14.shn
c8ef4e62f443a3cdae43738a176f1617 *maktub2005-05-11t15.shn
5c9aaf6ed92298a2b5701b34ea6dbe86 *maktub2005-05-11t16.shn

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