David Grisman Quintet 08/19/77
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
Source # 88623
Entered by Mark Goldey
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Source: FM/SBD > ? > CDR ; Extraction: CDR > EAC > Wav >SHN
David Grisman Quintet with Stephane Grappelli
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA

Source:  FM/SBD > ? > CDR
Extraction: CDR > EAC > Wav >SHN
Disc 1:
Announcer Intro
Minor Swing
Swing 51
Band Introductions
Waiting On Vassar
Swing 42
Opus 12
Dawg Patch
Fish Scale
Dawg's Rag

Disc 2:
KJAZ radio interview with Dawg
Stephane Grappelli intro
Tipsy Gypsy
Gypsy Swing
Dawg's Basso
Limehouse Blues
Sweet Georgia Brown
Swing 51*
Barkley's Bug*
Sheik of Araby*
Dawg lesson**

*After Sweet Georgia Brown, the announcer returns and mentions the standing ovation.  The recording breaks and then there is a Swing 51, Barkley's Bug, Thailand, and Sheik of Araby.  When looking at these song's waveforms, they look much lower than the previous tracks making me believe that they might not be from this performance, or at least another source than the majority of this recording.
**This last track is Dawg giving someone a lesson on how to play a song on the mandolin.
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da32b796930be40ea5b41c6645e5d697 *dgq1977-08-19d1t02.shn
e1acc5d185897f7ea6fe019369d39023 *dgq1977-08-19d1t03.shn
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c7531ffe6c050308a7b755b37bf4c6e8 *dgq1977-08-19d1t08.shn
8afc1ab0bc4ef5b2d021bbeb9c57d42b *dgq1977-08-19d1t09.shn
21720b028322061c23f0bac3081b8fce *dgq1977-08-19d1t10.shn
e1989e5ea59ed4d5d76562b970050153 *dgq1977-08-19d1t11.shn
15ded90ff6ee9417aed290fe74029846 *dgq1977-08-19d1t12.shn
d43cba56389567514aba2b5f1b7b03b6 *dgq1977-08-19d1t13.shn
0b9fa5596894a48cc4fb53fc3c74bd40 *dgq1977-08-19d1t14.shn
89ac16858a79aba75c3efb25cd246049 *dgq1977-08-19d2t01.shn
680bc1c79df2a6dff2b2db34a15b414c *dgq1977-08-19d2t02.shn
7be98e43657d2960baf9e4988ac6ce04 *dgq1977-08-19d2t03.shn
5de9dfc7c01b2696869be43e7ee3b093 *dgq1977-08-19d2t04.shn
231a678483b5f30053c1a6b42d577d49 *dgq1977-08-19d2t05.shn
a690be423c4b63a6becf496c792d93a5 *dgq1977-08-19d2t06.shn
f14c461fe25d804aa2a5360a6e3cc77d *dgq1977-08-19d2t07.shn
8d3ed749f2cce1f9a10a4aedd0a387c0 *dgq1977-08-19d2t08.shn
18c0841035fd8ede7956a5a729fdc6cf *dgq1977-08-19d2t09.shn
753e43e2a16709062960c51d887258fe *dgq1977-08-19d2t10.shn
4b4537f6544185990a2a7ea853ef61c0 *dgq1977-08-19d2t11.shn
71b85badaa946205fbf5d6c10346001c *dgq1977-08-19d2t12.shn

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